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Vegan cosmetics

Umibudo (caulerpa lentillifera seaweed) is also called green caviar or sea grape because of its color and structure. This algae is not only valued as a delicacy in traditional Southeast Asian cuisine, but is also a component of efficient, vegan facial care.

The alga is cultivated in Japan and - combined with the Okinacea® complex - has been shown to stimulate collagen synthesis, improves skin structure and supports the maintenance of a firm facial contour.

The new Déesse Umibudo line is characterized by three outstanding features

  • strong impact thanks to the power from the sea
  • a vegan ingredient
  • environmentally friendly packaging and applicators

The luxurious cosmetic care line was specially developed for dehydrated, dry and therefore demanding skin. The Umibudo algae (Caulerpa Lentifilifera)  is the main component of the new cosmetic care line. This contains the active ingredient complex Okinacea, which nourishes the skin with the minerals and amino acids that are important for the skin. It also stimulates collagen synthesis, resulting in firmer facial contours and improved skin structure.

The light peeling effect is achieved by the fruit extract of the Australian caviar lime, which stimulates the skin renewal process.

As a result, you can look forward to a fresh, youthful skin feeling.

UMIBUDO 24h face cream

The vegan UMIBUDO face cream is a combined day and night care that Its formula ensures a refreshed, smooth and youthful complexion and pampers the skin. Proven face care components are combined with new ingredients, creating a vegan power cocktail for very dehydrated skin.

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UMIBUDO eye cream

(125310) The vegan UMIBUDO eye cream is a new type of eye care for particularly dry eyes skin around the eye area. The eye cream contains a lot of moisture and can prevent dryness lines.

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Airless refill container

192000 50 ml airless refill container for face cream

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192010 15 ml airless refill container for eye cream

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The 24-hour face cream and the matching eye cream offer innovative anti-aging care and impress with a wonderfully silky texture and a wonderfully fresh scent. Déesse also cares about the well-being of our planet. That's why Déesse has opted for a vegan formulation and an environmentally friendly airless refill system.

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