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Urea as a moisture retainer

Urea is considered the miracle cure for dry, cracked skin. Although the name Urea (Latin for urea) still indicates the original "source" of this active ingredient, a process was developed as early as 1828 with which Urea was synthetically produced can be. Nowadays, the urea used in cosmetic products has absolutely nothing to do with urine.

What very few people know: Not only urine but also sweat and thus (at least healthy) skin contain Urea, which acts as a natural moisturizing factor (NMF). As such, it "draws" moisture from the air and stores it on the skin. It also stimulates the interlinking of the skin cells so that the skin can store moisture for longer and thus reduce moisture loss. The skin itself produces too little Urea, this reduces its ability to bind water and it can react with dryness, itching and dandruff. Then this important component should be supplied from the outside in the form of cosmetic products.

Urea can be found in the following Déesse cosmetic products: