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Cosmetics from the ALASKA series with a special touch

ALASKA is a sporty men's cosmetics for the highest demands. Nourishing ingredients, a fresh, masculine scent and a pinch of adventure give this line a special touch.

Déesse ALASKA men's care cosmetics

For men with a sporty touch

ALASKA care cosmetics for the sporty man

Refreshing fragrance for well-groomed skin

ALASKA face lotion

The Deesse ALASKA Active Care Facial Lotion is the perfect addition to daily skin care!

The new multifunctional lotion that combines after-shave and anti-aging lotion in one product! The Alaska Active Care Face Lotion is the ideal moisturizing lotion for men's skin.

The anti-aging lotion soothes, cares, protects and moisturizes the skin. Because the moisture is stored in the skin, it immediately looks smoother, clearer and fresher. The lotion is easy to spread, is quickly absorbed and does not leave a greasy film on the skin. The lotion is ideal after shaving.

Invigorating citrus notes and aromatic components from moss, jasmine blossoms as well as strong wood notes provide the masculine aromas of the fragrance, vitalize and give the skin the necessary freshness kick.

Article no .: 124720, 50 ml

hyaluronic acid, algea

Application: Apply to cleansed face every morning and evening.

Alaska shower gel

The Déesse ALASKA Hair & Body shower gel is a mild, cooling and invigorating shower gel for the body and hair, removes dirt and excess skin oil.

Thanks to the moisture-retaining and cooling components, the shower gel from the ALASKA line is particularly revitalizing and refreshing after exercise or work. The shower gel makes washing your hair a refreshment for the scalp.

This cooling and invigorating shower gel is the ideal companion for active, sporty men. Gently cleanses, refreshes and relaxes the skin.

Suitable for all skin types.

Article no .: 124710, 200 ml

Mild detergent and foam-forming substances, grapefruit extracts, menthyl lactate

Application: Lather the desired body parts and shower off. Also suitable for uncomplicated hair washing.

Mini shower gel set of 3

ALASKA Deodorant

The Deesse ALASKA deodorant / antiperspirant is a reliable companion for active, sporty men. The Alaska Deodorant Roll-on protects against unpleasant odors, ensures safety and long-lasting freshness. Citrus notes, moss components, jasmine flowers and strong wood notes create a masculine scent, have a stimulating effect and give the skin the necessary freshness kick.

Suitable for all skin types.

Article no .: 124760, 50 ml

Aluminum chlorohydrate, deodorant active ingredient combination with O-phenylphenol, maritime fragrance from the Alaska line

Application: Apply to dry armpits after showering.

ALASKA Eye zone cream

With regular use, the Deesse ALASKA eye cream helps to reduce dark circles and to minimize slight puffiness under the eyes. The non-greasy formulation is perfect for quick touch-up during the day. Extra tip: due to the discreet, fresh scent, this product is also suitable for women and can be carried in a handbag for refreshment in between.

Suitable for all skin types.

Article no .: 124740, 5 ml

Palmitoyl tripeptide – 1 and palmitoyl tetrapeptide – 7, chrysin, N-hydroxysuccinimide

Application: Unscrew the pen slightly and apply it to the eye area in the morning and in the evening.

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