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After sun care of the hair

damaged and dry hair

The UV radiation from the sun can damage not only the skin but also the hair. In combination with chlorine from the pool or salt water in the sea, dried out hair is inevitable, especially if the residue is not always washed off thoroughly.

Tip: If you have particularly fine hair that is easily weighed down by too much care, just try to leave out the first ten centimeters after the roots. Several times a week, the Moisturizing hair mask can be used:

This donates with Apricot extract and panthenol extra moisture and shine. In the case of particularly damaged hair, it can be worthwhile not only to leave the mask on for the specified 5 minutes, but also, for example, to leave it on. B. during a full bath or sauna. Thanks to the warmth, the nourishing ingredients can have an even better effect.

Does your hair still look damaged despite care products?

Does your hair still look damaged despite the use of appropriate care products?

Then it is important to reduce irritation. Pat your hair dry after washing - don't rub! It is also advisable to get a good quality hairbrush and wide-toothed comb. Hair softened by shampooing is particularly easy to tear. Therefore, only use the comb on wet hair and only detangle it completely with a brush when it is dry.

Straighteners and curling irons can also damage hair, so try to avoid them as much as possible. To reduce friction on the pillow at night, you can either invest in a silk pillowcase or, cheaper, tie your hair in a loose pigtail at night (caution: make sure you use a hair elastic without a metal end, as this will damage the structure of the hair can.).

The latter also has the advantage that your hair doesn't get too tangled overnight. Also put some apricot spray in the tips overnight, this can also help straighten rough hair.

Does your hair have more split ends after the summer?

Then off to the hairdresser, because real split ends can only be removed with scissors. If, on the other hand, split ends are not removed, the crack "migrates" upwards and causes hair breakage.

So: It is better to regularly sacrifice a few centimeters than to have to deal with broken hair in the long term. Positive side effect : After cutting the tip, the hair looks fuller and healthier.

Provision for next summer

If you want to protect your hair as much as possible during the summer months next year, there are two tips for doing this: Always rinse your hair after you have left the pool or the sea. Salt and chlorine then have less time to cause damage.

Our Sun spray SPF 20 not only protects the sensitive scalp, but can also be used on the hair thanks to its light, oil-free formulation.

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