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LO Fruit & Bitter

Grapefruit shower bath

Freshness when showering

LO Fruit & Bitter is refreshing and convinces with the fruity-bitter composition of a grapefruit.

This shower bath is suitable for the whole family, is pH-neutral, particularly gentle and skin-friendly.

Environmentally friendly

Soap-free, pH-skin-neutral shower bath. It is based on a particularly environmentally friendly combination of surfactants (washing-active substances). Environmentally friendly coconut and sugar surfactants made from renewable raw materials support the skin while you shower.

Skin-friendly and economical

LO Fruit & Bitter is skin-friendly and can be used extremely sparingly because it is a concentrate. The LO Fruit & Bitter makes a wonderfully creamy foam.

LO Fruity & Bitter instantly awakens the spirits!

The interaction of selected active ingredients enables gentle, yet thorough cleaning.

The moisture-retaining, pH-neutral formulation caresses the skin with its fruity-bitter scent.

Suitable for all skin types.

Article no .: 127500, 1,000 ml

Artikel-Nr.: 127510: 6 x 1 L. box

Application: For bathing and showering.

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