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Cosmetics during pregnancy

When the skin needs a lot of care

Skin care during pregnancy

During pregnancy, many parts of the body change, e.g. the breasts, the stomach, the skin, the hair, as well as the psychological resilience. In order for you to feel “very good” in your skin during pregnancy, it is important to allow yourself to be caressed and relaxed every day with products tailored to your needs.

The breasts:

The first thing you probably noticed was the breasts that you were pregnant. The breasts become heavier and fuller, the nipples become tender, the areola becomes larger and darker. The increased sebum production of the areola should ensure adequate care. If this natural care is not enough, light creaming with an oil rich in vitamins is recommended, such as our apricot oil . It contains vitamins A, E and F, protects and cares for dry skin.
Breastfeeding often puts a lot of strain on the nipples, and sometimes even open areas and crusts form. Let air into the nipples as often as possible and support the healing process by gently massaging in apricot oil . Before the next breastfeeding, you should gently wipe or wash the nipples.

The stomach:

The skin of the stomach really does fantastic things during and after pregnancy. First it stretches and after the delivery it contracts again. This is only possible due to the special nature of the female connective tissue. To support the skin during pregnancy, applying cream to the abdomen twice a day from the beginning of pregnancy with a mixture of 1/2 firming cream + 1/2 apricot oil has proven itself.

In this way, the connective tissue becomes elastic (it expands and contracts well after pregnancy), is cared for and moistened.
The fragrant wellness body and massage oil .

Abdominal massage:

Free your stomach, warm up the massage oil in your hands, apply it to your stomach and massage in for 3-5 minutes in ever larger circles. Then place your hands below the ribs, stroke the sides outwards and downwards until just above the navel. Repeat 3-4 times. Finally, massage the stomach again clockwise in the form of an "e", place both hands on the stomach in a comfortable position.

Perineal care:

A regular perineal massage with a vitamin-rich oil is recommended to prepare for the birth. The apricot oil is also ideally suited for this purpose. It makes the tissue smoother, looser and more stretchable so that it can withstand the stresses and strains of childbirth better. Massages performed several times a week can reduce the likelihood of perineal tears or cuts during childbirth.

Bath for relaxation:

You don't have to get pregnant to know how comfortable and relaxing a well-tempered oil bath can be. Our Déesse - Wellness vitalizing bath is both a benefit and health care at the same time.

Bathing becomes a pleasure for the body and mind. The water temperature should not exceed 38 ° C. After 15 to 20 minutes of bathing time, pat the skin dry and allow yourself 30 minutes of rest to fully enjoy the effects.


Many pregnant women complain of dull, sallow, lackluster hair. Make sure you have a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals and treat yourself to a hair treatment with the Déesse once or twice a week. Hair needs special care during pregnancy: Moisturizing hair mask. In the case of long hair, we recommend spraying the ends of the hair with Apricot spray . Washing with a care shampoo - z. B. with the Déesse caffeine and green shampoo - protects, regenerates and cares for the scalp and hair.

Body care:

Our skin is the largest human detoxification organ and therefore needs regular, gentle cleaning that does not damage our protective acid mantle. Soap-free, biodegradable, nourishing shower and bath products are ideal for showering or bathing LO - Déesse Shower concentrates .

Déesse Lotion Rose Originale

Natural bath and shower additive, soap-free, pH-neutral, without perfume and fragrances, based on coconut with natural plant extracts such as yucca and aloe vera. Contains skin protecting and moisturizing components. Did you know that almost every shower gel available on the market leaves residues in breast milk? LRO is completely degradable, i.e. it does not leave any residue in breast milk, so no harmful substances can be passed on to your newborn. In addition, our LRO moisturizing, ie yours Skin is already cared for while bathing and showering and you can often do without applying cream afterwards.

Thanks to its pH neutrality, i.e. it does not attack the natural protective acid mantle of the skin, a baby can be washed or bathed if necessary without hesitation. Optimal is our LRO also for allergy sufferers like Neurodermatitis, etc. suitable. LRO can also be used on cradle cap.

During pregnancy, the skin you showered longs for additional care. Wellness body and massage oil or apricot body emulsion are ideal here. During breastfeeding, however, it is advisable to switch to a slightly scented body cream, as babies can also recognize their mother by smell. The déesse body cream is ideally suited for this.


During pregnancy, some expectant mothers enjoy it when they are always warm enough, especially in winter, due to the changed hormone balance. However, this can lead to increased sweating in warmer temperatures or overheated rooms.

Cheers to all cosmetics researchers for the development of deodorants!

A distinction is made between "antiperspirant" and "deodorant".
A deodorant prevents the decomposition of sweat by bacteria and thus the formation of odors.

Antiperspirants have the same effect as deodorants, but they also slow down natural sweating without suppressing it.

The Deodorant cream is also paraben-free and allergen-free Perfume. It is particularly suitable for heavy perspiration (can also be used when feet are sweaty).

However, it is important to always apply deodorant to clean skin.

Leg care:

In the course of pregnancy, the bone structure has to do heavy work. At the end of a pregnancy, the legs and feet can sometimes carry up to 16 kg, mothers of multiple births can also carry an additional 20 kg. Many mothers need new shoes after giving birth because their feet have increased by ½ or 1 shoe size. So keep thinking of your loyal "companions" and pamper your feet and legs with pats!

  • Removal of the callus with the Déesse callus file (only when dry Condition) is also possible with a large belly thanks to our handy file
  • We then recommend a foot bath with the wellness revitalizing bath or the Déesse base bath with fango, which should not take longer than 15 minutes. Dry your feet well!
  • When applying cream to the feet with the Déesse foot cream or the richer
  • The legs are of course also happy about extra care with the Déesse Gel for tired legs . Especially for heavy, tarnished legs, the ingredients have a cooling, refreshing, stimulating effect against fatigue and train blood vessels.

Treat yourself to little breaks again and again in which you put your feet up!

And when the baby arrives:

Baby massage:

The baby massage from India is also enjoying increasing popularity with European babies and mothers. Visit a baby massage course with your offspring and you will enjoy the exchange of tenderness just as we enjoy your baby. Wellness massage oil and Apricot sprays are ideal for this. Babies can best enjoy the massage when they are not hungry, ideally before bathing.
Warning! Hold your baby tight while bathing - it's slippery like a fish after the massage!


Give the baby bath a little splash of LRO or LAO , then dry your baby well off (also in the baby fat folds) and, if necessary, cream it with the new body cream.

Pop care:

It is very important to always remove urine and stool residues from the tender bottom of our little ones (e.g. with a washcloth and lukewarm LRO -water) to prevent sores. If necessary, gently pat the skin dry or dry it with the hairdryer. Kicking with a bare bottom is not only fun for the offspring, it is also good for the skin to get some air off. Avoid wet wipes for daily cleaning, they are only an alternative for on the go. The Apricot Oil has proven itself excellently for inflamed buttocks or diaper rash / p>

Cradle cap:

The cradle cap is very stubborn and difficult to remove in many babies. Creaming with Apricot oil some time before bathing gives way to the scab and can be removed by lightly brushing or scratching. Usually several treatments are necessary.

Sun care, not only during pregnancy:

The sun is very important for our body. It lifts our spirits and 5 minutes of daily exposure to the sun on the back of our hands and face cause a sufficient production of vitamin D. Since newborns have absolutely no protective skin tan, their skin must be covered with a high sun protection product, long-sleeved clothing, a hat and a parasol Be protected from direct sunlight.

The Déesse Sun care products like our Sun cream SPF 30 and SPF 20 bind the active ingredients of the sun filter to the cells. The cells are better protected and the water resistance of the product is increased. Baby skin will also look forward to a cooling, moisturizing after sun lotion after a sunny day. Avoid exposure to the sun between 11 am and 3 pm at lunchtime. Please also think of adequate sun protection when walking in the winter sun (snow reflects).