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Fit for spring

The face and body now need the right care

Is your skin prone to dryness and flaking?

Due to the constant alternation between dry heating air and icy cold, our skin is dry and tends to flake. In the first step, our Wellness body peeling with fruit enzymes.

Enzymes from exotic fruits gently loosen keratinization and dead cells, silica spheres do the rest to remove them - the result is a wonderfully smooth skin feeling.


Silky smooth skin feeling

Art. 123900

To give the skin the moisture it needs, use the Combine to Shine Body Lotion .

It can not only be adapted to your personal needs with the accompanying concentrates, but also nourishes the skin with natural oils such as almond, avocado, coconut and jojoba oil, shea and cocoa butter and squalane and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.

C2S - Combine to Shine - the individualized cosmetics from Déesse.

No pale legs

Art. 122500

So that you can look forward to a particularly beautiful tan this summer, use the Sun express . An innovative tanning system stimulates the synthesis of melanin and promotes the skin's ability to tan.

Simply apply like a body lotion two to four weeks before your first sun exposure.



Dry feet

Art. 17800 | 121230

Especially when you walk a lot, the skin tends to get calluses and dryness. Therefore, after a relaxing footbath, use the foot file , which can be used to gently remove hardened skin.

Conclude the relaxing care session with the wellness rich foot butter and leave it overnight, for example move in.



Do not neglect the sun protection in spring! UVA radiation is active all year round and can damage our skin. Especially if you have been hiding under thick clothing all winter and are pale because of it. For the beginning, for example, the would be a good choice. Thanks to the practical spray bottle, the sun protection can be applied precisely. Ectoin and Sun Actin offer outstanding protective properties against light-induced skin aging.