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Déesse Wellness line

for personal care

Imagine you have an hour to yourself and disappear into your bathroom ....

Regine Grosch

In the bathtub

You don't have a bathtub? No problem.

I would be happy to show you how you can enjoy a wellness hour in the shower. Before you get into the shower, massage the Déesse hair mask into dry hair (my insider tip ) and let the mask work for about 15 minutes.


Your hair is light thanks to the Hair mask combable.

Your skin feels fresh and is treated by you with wellness body and massage oil with cream.

A flowery-fresh scent of violets and geraniums caresses your nose.

Pamper your senses

Before you slip into your slippers, your feet are given a little massage with the Wellness Foot Butter. You put on your fluffy bath robe and cream your face with the fine facial butter from the Déesse My Secret line.

You take a good book, prepare a cup of Daily Balance Tea and cuddle you on your couch. The smell of the fruity aroma of the tea caresses your nose and you feel like you are in your wellness oasis.