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Morning care

Make-up, hair, outfit

if you have to go fast again in the morning ...

In the bathroom in particular, we sometimes get hectic: we put on make-up, do our hair and the right outfit has to be found! In all this stress, please don't forget to clean your face! How good that you don't have to do a time-consuming facial cleansing in the morning with the morning care : Simply put it on a cotton ball and use it to clean your face, neck and décolleté. The morning cleaning is done!

The product does not have to be washed off and a facial tonic is no longer necessary. The usual care routine can then be started straight away. In addition to cleaning, the product impresses with its fresh scent, which wakes up tired spirits in the morning.

But don't forget: While the 2-in-1 cleaning in the morning is absolutely sufficient, "heavier artillery" is needed in the evening to remove Thoroughly remove make-up and dirt from the environment. Depending on the skin type, we recommend a suitable cleaning duo in addition to morning care.

Cosmetics for morning care

122720 Morning care
122750 Mild facial toner