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Imagine you have 30 minutes

just for you and

disappear into your bathroom ...

Care hour for at home

Tips for correct facial care

Imagine that you have 30 minutes to yourself and disappear into your bathroom ....

Regine Grosch

Removal of eye make-up

First you remove the eye make-up with the eye make-up remover 2-phase, which consists of oil and water and must be shaken briefly and vigorously before use so that the connect both components.

You lightly press the cotton pads soaked with water and eye make-up remover onto both eyes and wait a few seconds before gently wiping both cotton pads outwards.

Now take a look at the cotton pads, the complete eye make-up is inside. Now carefully dab off the remains of the eye make-up with the cotton pad, because please remember that the skin around the eyes is much thinner than the rest of the facial skin and therefore much more sensitive.

"If you put on make-up in the morning, you have to remove your make-up again in the evening - that's the theory.

In fact, however, only 63 percent of women use eye make-up remover daily or at least several times a week. Even though many women apply mascara almost every day.

Anyone who forgets the make-up removal ritual after a night of dancing naturally has no serious consequences to fear. Regular sloppiness when it comes to removing make-up can, however, not only cause unsightly stains on the pillow, but also clogged pores and broken eyelashes.

From an ophthalmologist's point of view, it is strongly recommended to remove make-up from your eyes: otherwise individual make-up particles irritate the eyes and cause unsightly reddening. With particularly sensitive eyes there is a risk of eyelid inflammation or painful stye.

Did you know that high-quality ingredients can only work something in thoroughly cleansed skin? You don't put a used, greasy frying pan in the kitchen cupboard without cleaning, do you? You don't just brush your teeth with water, you also use a toothpaste to remove dirt and plaque. And this is also the case with facial care, because high-quality Déesse care products used afterwards can only work ! on carefully cleansed skin.

So you remove with the Cleansing Milk for dry skin, the Cleansing Gel for combination skin or the < strong> Cleansing foam for oily skin from the His & Hers line the dirt of the day, sweat as well Make-up or powder off the skin.

Proper facial cleansing is not only important in the evening, but also in the morning. Because the “regenerations” of the skin during the night should also be gently removed in the morning.

Which cleaning product?

Characteristics of dry skin:

  • Dry skin has fine pores
  • she is thin and delicate
  • it has too little moisture and too little fat
  • it has no imperfections
  • it does not tend to have red veins
  • is often prone to early wrinkles (dryness), especially around the eyes
  • With dry skin, you feel tight

This skin type needs both moisture and oil. Skin diseases such as neurodermatitis or psoriasis promote dry skin. Dry skin is prone to redness and wrinkles more quickly. It looks uneven and has rough spots. With dry skin you should start good care as early as possible to avoid wrinkles.

Characteristics of normal skin:

  • fine pores all over the face
  • the skin is firm, rosy and delicate
  • it has no impurities (exception: possibly every four weeks)
  • the fat-moisture ratio is balanced
  • There is no feeling of tension
  • the skin is mostly insensitive

As a preventive measure, so that it stays beautiful for a long time, I recommend careful skin care with mild products that do not have a drying effect.

If the sebum and moisture balance are balanced, one speaks of normal skin (eudermia). Normal skin is delicate and fine-pored. It reacts rather insensitively to environmental influences. The skin changes in the course of life, so mostly only younger people have normal skin.

Characteristic combination skin:

  • in the area of ​​the T-zone: forehead, nose, chin: large pores and possible impurities
  • No feeling of tension in the T-zone (rather greasy)
  • in the area of ​​the cheeks: fine pores, normal to dry,
  • no impurities
  • mostly feeling of tension
  • Combination skin sometimes needs two different care products: one for the T-zone and a richer one for the cheeks

The skin has large pores in the oily areas, and it can be irritated and sensitive in the dry areas. Careful care is important for combination skin.

Characteristics of oily skin:

  • Oily skin has large pores up to the ears
  • It is shiny, greasy and moist
  • She has a tendency to have imperfections all over her face
  • The skin is poorly supplied with blood, which is why it is often pale and gray
  • It is tough and robust
  • and has no feeling of tension

Oily skin usually shows imperfections.

Oily skin is one of the four skin types and appears oily and shiny. Unfortunately, it is prone to blemishes. It is mostly found on the face, but it can also appear on the upper shoulder and back area. The lubricant, which is useful in itself and which keeps the skin supple and is supposed to protect it from external influences, is produced too much. Nevertheless, a lot can be done to improve the complexion of oily skin.

Facial care with a facial scrub

Facial scrubs thoroughly cleanse the skin and stimulate the metabolism. This enables a better absorption of the follow-up care with the face cream tailored to the skin type. A face peeling makes the skin appear smoother, healthier and younger - that's how it feels. But please don't “rub wildly”, a simple “massage” and let it take effect for a short time is enough. The stones that are ground down - at Déesse of course - do the rest.

For a rather dry skin I recommend the enzymatic peeling once a week.

Normal skin can take all peelings and my favorite for combination skin and oily skin is absolutely the apricot scrub, if there are no "open" areas on the skin.

Otherwise, you can always use peeling for sensitive skin.

After a treatment with a care mask , the skin looks fresh and relaxed again. A care mask supplies the skin with vitamins and minerals.

The best possible effectiveness and high tolerance are the decisive criteria when using a face mask.

There are masks for dry skin, but also for blemished, oily and acne-prone skin. The necessary care substances ensure that the pores are clarified and cleaned.

Moisturizing gel face cream

This cream provides moisture, but does not feel "heavy". It contains aloe vera and provides the skin with moisture through natural oils. An integrated UV filter protects the skin against premature aging caused by light. The skin feels fresh and the powdery scent gives a feel-good effect when you apply it, which you are sure to like. This gel cream is suitable for all skin types.

Jojoba moisturizer

Thanks to the jojoba oil it contains, this popular product is very well tolerated by sensitive people, has a fragrance-free formulation, is quickly absorbed, does not leave an oily film and protects the skin from moisture loss. It is therefore also ideal for combination skin and for normal skin anyway. With the practical refill jar (bought once, used again and again), when you buy this cream you are even helping to reduce the amount of plastic in the environment.

Problem skin

Your skin is rather dry, rough and chapped? Then my recommendation is the Cell Support Face Cream , which, like the jojoba cream, is also available in a 100ml refill. Most of the time, moisture is not enough for dry skin.

Often the skin lacks lipids, which do not allow the moisture in the skin to evaporate, but rather keep it. The beeswax contained in the Cell Support also preserves the moisture in the skin thanks to its rich texture. A peptide combination and the hyaluronic acid it contains round off this cream for ideal care for dry and very dry skin.

The scent is unobtrusive and pleasant and so your skin is cared for and relaxed after applying the cream.

For combination skin or oily skin with blemishes, I absolutely recommend the citrus seed night cream from the His & Hers series, which you can also use as a day cream - although it is then without sunscreen.

The light texture from the extracts of the pips of grapefruit and orange have bacterial balancing properties and are ideal for the care of blemished skin , because they leave a pleasant lemon scent and ensure that the sebum glands do not clog and thus no further impurities can arise, but disappear.