Thorough and gentle facial cleansing

With the Déesse Facial Cleansing dirt is removed from the skin and the natural protective mechanism of the skin is preserved or improved.

Individual facial cleansing

tailored to the skin type

Deep pore cleaning

The tasks of facial cleansing are, besides removing dirt, to maintain and improve the natural protective mechanism of the skin.

For the cleansing of the facial skin in the morning and in the evening, put the facial cleansing suitable for the skin type on a cotton ball and the skin cleanse the face, neck and décolleté. It is not necessary to rinse off or cleanse with a facial tonic. The skin is now well prepared for day care.

Gently stroke the eyelid outwards from the inner corner of the eye and from the outside inwards under the eye.

When using Cleansing Milk , emulsify it on the face, the eye area and the neck. Then remove the last residue with a facial toner (tonic).

Pour cleansing oil into the dry palms of the hands and distribute in circular motions on the uncleaned, also dry facial skin.

The 2-phase eye make-up remover gently, thoroughly and effortlessly cleans even intensive and waterproof eye make-up without leaving oily residues. The pH value of the product is similar to that of tears and prevents stinging in the eyes.

The result is a pleasantly cared for, moisturized skin feeling. Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.

In the morning and in the evening after cleansing, apply a few splashes of the facial toner to the face and neck with a dampened cotton ball and the last remnants of the cleansing milk, the cleansing foam or the Remove cleaning gel.

Cleansing cosmetics for the skin of the face

For every skin type

The following options are available for cleaning the skin of the face:

  • 121010 2-phase eye make-up remover
  • 121020 Eye make-up remover sensitive
  • 122700 Washing cream
  • 122770 Aloe Vera Facial Toner
  • 122730 Cleansing Milk
  • 122750 Mild facial toner
  • 122760 Balancing toner
  • 122740 Cleansing gel
  • 120390 Cleaning oil
  • 122720 Morning care


  • 123080 His & Hers cleansing foam
  • 123090 His & Hers facial toner
  • 121900 Aqua Treatment cleaning gel
  • 121910 Aqua Treatment Facial Toner
normal, dry and sensitive skin Combination skin, oily skin
Mild facial toner
120330 Balancing facial toner
Aqua Treatment Cleaning gel
Cleaning gel
Aqua Treatment Facial Toner
122730 Cleansing Milk  
120390 Cleaning oil  
Morning care
Oily and blemished skin
His & Hers Clarifying Cleansing Foam
His & Hers Clarifying Toner
for all skin types
Washing cream
Facial toner
with aloe vera

Cleansing milk, cleansing gel, cleansing oil

What is better?

It is best to use the Cleansing Milk or the balancing Cleansing Milk . They are gentle on the skin and can be removed with either water or a cotton pad.

If you only feel really comfortable with a slightly foaming product and water, the mild cleaning foam , the mild cleaning gel, for oily skin the His & Hers mild cleansing foam or for an additional boost of moisture the Cleansing gel from the Aqua Treatment line available.

The wonderfully soft cleaning oil as well as the new washing cream are emulsified very smoothly with water, cleanse gently but thoroughly.

In the second step you should choose the toner according to your skin type and its needs: the mild toner, the balancing toner or the Aqua Treatment balancing facial toner for normal, dry or sensitive skin.

Do you tend to have oily skin? Then you should either go with the Facial Toner for oily skin or the Clarifying Tonic from the His & Hers line. The new Facial Toner with Aloe Vera is suitable for all skin types.

If you want things to be as simple as possible, you can use the morning care in the morning to optimally prepare the skin for the subsequent care.

Facial care begins with facial cleansing

2-phase eye make-up remover

The special formulation with cornflower extract in the 2-phase make-up remover consists of a water and an oil phase, which combine with each other with a short, vigorous shake and make-up -Rests, so to speak, join forces to declare war.

Application of 2-phase remover

Soak a cotton pad with the 2-phase eye make-up remover , place it on the closed eyelid for a few seconds, let it work for a short time and wipe outwards with light pressure.

Residue-free cleaning

The oily component with natural almond oil mainly dissolves waterproof make-up, the aqueous component takes care of the rest. Even intensive and waterproof make-up can be removed quickly and gently. The pH value of the water phase of this product is similar to that of the tear fluid, which is why it does not sting the eyes.

The great thing about this eye make-up remover is that the soothing cornflower extract protects the eyelashes and even sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers can effectively and easily remove eye make-up.
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Eye make-up remover sensitive

This eye make-up remover is a milky solution with the extract of red algae and sunflower oil and gently cleanses the sensitive eye area. Eyeliner and eyeshadow as well as mascara (also waterproof mascara) are gently loosened. The skin does not dry out and is now very well prepared for further care.

Applying eye make-up remover

Gently press the moistened cotton wool pad onto the eye area, wipe outwards, done. Repeat the process if necessary.

Gentle cleaning

The eye make-up remover "sensitive" is also suitable for gently cleaning the eye area for contact lens wearers, for removing waterproof mascara and for very sensitive eye areas.

Cleaning oil

As the so-called Oil Cleansing Method, OCM for short, the cleansing is based on the principle "Oil dissolves oil". For people with oily and blemished skin, this approach will sound strange at first - where it does so far have mainly relied on special products with a matting effect.

Application of cleaning oil

In the morning and in the evening, we recommend putting a small amount of the cleansing oil in the dry palms of the hands and distributing it in circular motions on the uncleaned, also dry skin of the face. Briefly emulsify with a little warm water and then rinse off. Then finish cleansing the face with facial toner. The cleaning oil cleanses gently but thoroughly.

Mild cleaning oil

The mild Déesse cleansing oil not only removes sebum and dirt, but also strongly opaque make-up. In addition, the skin is brought back into its natural balance. Of course, this also applies to dry and sensitive skin as well as combination skin. Because the composition of the ingredients is based on the synergy of three valuable oils that make every skin complexion shine.

Cleansing milk

The Déesse cleansing milk cleanses the skin in a gentle and effective way.

The contained soap herb extract enables clean facial cleansing and binds moisture in the skin.

The castor oil it contains leaves a well-groomed feeling and a subtle fragrance rounds off the product.

Application of cleansing milk

The cleansing milk can be emulsified on the face, the eye area and the neck in the mornings and evenings. Then clean the areas with facial toner (tonic) and remove any remaining residues. The cleansing milk cleanses pore-deep, is skin-caring and gentle.

Mild skin tonic

The subsequent cleansing of the skin with the mild skin tonic refreshes and gently removes residues, making the skin particularly receptive to subsequent care products.

The cornflower extract it contains counteracts any skin irritation, and the evening primrose oil it contains moisturizes the skin while it is being cleaned.

Application mild skin tonic

In the morning and in the evening after cleansing, apply a few splashes to the face and neck with a damp cotton ball and remove the last remnants of the cleansing milk. Avoid the eye area and do not rinse with water.

Morning care

You don't have much time in the morning? Then the Déesse morning care is just the thing. The texture enriched with silk proteins and red algae refreshes and cleanses the skin at the same time, which is why you can do without a subsequent facial tonic. The wonderful scent wakes you up and ensures an ideal start to the day.

Application morning care

In the morning, apply the morning care with a damp cotton pad to the face, neck and eye area. Do not rinse. You can do without facial tonic, but your skin is still well prepared for day make-up and day care.

The morning care facial cleansing refreshes the skin in the morning. It gives a fresh and radiant complexion.

Cleansing gel

Mixed with water, the Cleansing Gel creates a creamy foam. The skin is effectively freed from excess sebum, dirt and make-up.

If the skin occasionally tends to develop small imperfections, the mild cleansing gel is wonderfully suitable for facial cleansing deep into the pores.

The refreshing scent of rose water makes facial cleansing an experience.

The cleansing gel cleans pore-deep and nourishes.

Application cleansing gel

The cleansing gel can be emulsified on the face, the eye area and the neck in the morning and in the evening. After this, the last residues are removed with a facial toner (tonic).

Balancing tonic

The white willow extract contained in the balancing facial tonic for normal and combination skin cleanses the areas of skin pore-deep, which are temporarily prone to impurities as well as dry skin areas, thanks to the moisturizing components. This facial toner leaves you feeling clean and fresh because of the menthol and rose water it contains.

Application Balancing tonic

In the morning and in the evening after cleansing, apply a few splashes to the face and neck with a damp cotton ball and remove the last remnants of the cleansing milk. Avoid the eye area and do not rinse with water.

Wash cream & tonic with aloe vera

The Déesse washing cream complements the cleaning range perfectly, because this product is an innovation in several respects. The delicate, mother-of-pearl-colored washing cream is reminiscent of a balm that, when added to water, develops into a creamy, thick foam and feels wonderfully soft on the skin.

The selected plant-based surfactants - obtained from coconut oil, among others - leave the skin feeling smooth and clean.

Washing cream

  • Creamy, thick foam
  • mild, plant-based surfactants made from coconut oil
  • Also suitable for showering in between

Thanks to the mild surfactants as well as allantoin and panthenol, the skin is thoroughly cleaned, but not dried out.

Aloe Vera Facial Tonic

  • Refreshing, mild aloe tonic
  • alcohol free
  • pH skin-neutral
  • Low-allergen perfumed
  • slightly antibacterial effect on blemished skin
  • Ideally suited for men after the shave

Your Déesse advisor recommends:

Suitable for the skin type

Proper facial cleansing is essential for healthy skin. Depending on the skin type, there are different cleansing products consisting of milk / gel / oil and the matching facial toner / tonic.

Cleanse your face regularly

Without regular and thorough facial cleansing, the effectiveness of the serum and face cream is not reliably possible!

Therefore: Thoroughly cleanse the skin of the face in the morning and in the evening! Only then can the product used below work and achieve the desired goal.



Leave the shower gel at home on your next short trip, because the washing cream is also wonderfully suitable for showering and is extremely economical!

The second, very important step is cleaning with a tonic. The new Facial Tonic with Aloe Vera goes perfectly with the new Wash Cream.

It reliably removes residues of the cleansing product and brings the protective acid layer of the skin back into balance.

Nurture and soothe

The pH-skin-neutral formulation has a refreshing effect, while Aloe Vera is known for its highly moisturizing properties and nourishes and soothes the skin. Sea salt has a slightly antibacterial effect, so it is also perfect for blemished skin and for men's skin after shaving.

Avoid eye area

The following applies to both products: you save the eye area when using; Instead, use a specific cleaning method for the eyes such as the 2-phase eye make-up remover or the eye make-up remover sensitive.


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