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LAO Lotion Abricot Originale

Apricot shower concentrate

Apricot scent

One of the most popular products for showering and bathing from the LO family is the LAO.

This shower bath, Lotion Abricot Originale, is suitable for the whole family, is pH-neutral, particularly gentle and skin-friendly.

The LAO smells fruity of apricot and leaves an invisible protective film on the skin.

With apricot extract

Soap-free, pH-skin-neutral shower bath with apricot extract . It is based on a particularly environmentally friendly surfactant combination (washing-active substances), consisting of renewable raw materials such as starch (corn) and vegetable oils (coconut).

From the apricot line

LAO belongs to the apricot line and is kind to the skin and can be used extremely sparingly as it is a concentrate. The LAO results in a wonderfully creamy foam. Provitamin B5 and glycerine protect the skin from drying out and give it a moisture-retaining protective film.

Suitable for all skin types.

Article no .: 127170, 1,000 ml

Artikel-Nr.: 127180: 6x1 L. box

Apricot extract

Application: For bathing and showering.

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