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Déesse cosmetic products care for and pamper the skin

Déesse cosmetics offers many other advantages

Proven Quality

  • Swiss quality products
  • Dermatologically tested cosmetic products
  • Range expansion through continuous further development
  • attractive price-performance ratio
  • sound advice

Once déesse,
always déesse

  • Risk-free purchase thanks to a six-month exchange and Right of return
  • Cosmetics with no animal testing
  • monthly changing Offers and special offers
  • Cosmetics for all areas, for every requirement

Cosmetics for every skin type

Déesse cosmetics offers you an active ingredient cosmetics that different skin types , i.e. normal skin, combination skin, dry and oily skin is specially designed, as these cosmetic products were developed for the individual needs of the skin.

The sales philosophy of Déesse cosmetics is based on this, that you can only buy Déesse cosmetics through trained skin care consultants.

A previous skin analysis is part of the consultation to find the right skin care products for the respective skin type to put together suitable cosmetic products. Their correct use is part of the skin care concept.

Face care cosmetics

Swiss cosmetic

Déesse cosmetics, with its headquarters in Oetwil, Switzerland, entered the cosmetics sector in 1971 with high-quality cosmetic care products. There were also effective dietary supplements and sun care cosmetics.

No risk

Buying cosmetics without risk is guaranteed at Déesse cosmetics. Advice and sales of Déesse cosmetics are provided by highly trained consultants in many countries in Europe. Déesse cosmetics are tailored to the respective skin type. Advice is therefore the reliable basis for your decision. Déesse grants a six-month right of return with no ifs or buts.

Future proof

At Déesse cosmetics you will find high-quality, cruelty-free cosmetics and food supplements as well as varied career opportunities as independent consultants, both full-time and part-time, with good earning potential. Come to our team.

Become a consultant

Cosmetic skin care lines for facial skin

Déesse Combine to Shine

Every skin is unique and, depending on the skin type, needs care tailored to it, which can ideally be adapted to the season, the current situation and lifestyle.

Combine to Shine stands for an individually combinable maintenance system , which offers personalized solutions and makes the skin glow in a natural way, protects the skin and also has a detoxifying effect. Perfuming the care system was deliberately used cautiously.

With Combine to Shine you can put together individual care products that match your skin condition.

Combine to Shine

Déesse Aqua Treatment Line

The Aqua Treatment Line was specially developed for dehydrated skin.

Beautiful and healthy skin depends on a good and reliable supply of moisture. Dry skin is often a sign of undersupply. Dry skin is glossy and quickly leads to small, visible wrinkles.

Aqua Treatment supplies the skin with a moisture depot and supports the functional skin barrier.

Special moisture substances penetrate the skin and are stored there for hours. For a plump, carefree skin feeling.

Aqua Treatment Line

Déesse Caviar Intensiv Line

The noble Déesse Caviar line offers effectiveness and efficiency for the highest demands for mature skin. The care line pampers the complexion with valuable active ingredients and ensures fresh and radiant skin.

The concentrated caviar extract supports the biological functions of the skin. The skin is nourished and revitalized and feels supple.

The Déesse Caviar line supplies the skin with essential vitamins, proteins and trace elements.

Highly effective ingredients care for, moisturize and let the skin shine with youthful freshness.

Caviar Intensiv Cosmetics

Moisture and regeneration

Alpine Concept

  • You would like to do something for your dry skin and you do not want to "just" give it moisture?
  • You expect anti-aging components and an incomparable pampering experience from your skin care?
  • Then the new, skin-flattering line Alpine Concept is just the thing for you!

The name says it all: Alpine Concept uses the nature of the Swiss Alps for the three innovative formulations, with the Swiss Complex developed exclusively for this line being targeted was supplemented with additional valuable active ingredients.

Alles über Alpine Concept

Society Line

For the regeneration of the skin - highly effective serums are based on an efficient combination of active ingredients

Thanks to active ingredients, serums can stimulate the skin's own repair mechanism. This means that the skin regenerates itself and effectively counteracts age spots, scars or wrinkles. The skin pores appear refined. Both the elasticity and youthfulness of the skin are visibly improved. The first results are already visible after a short application. In contrast to the risks of Botox, your facial expressions remain completely natural with the power serums.

Society Seren

Déesse cosmetics cleaned
and cared for face & cleavage

Cleansing and care cosmetics tailored to the skin type give the facial skin and décolleté the active ingredients that cleanse, care and counteract skin aging.

Gentle, pore-deep facial cleansing

In addition to removing dirt, it is also the task of Facial cleansing to preserve the skin's natural protective mechanism.

With the appropriate regularity, this skin protection is improved.

Déesse skin care products fulfill both tasks, even for sensitive skin.

facial care for a perfect, fresh and radiant complexion.

Facial cleansing for every skin type

Quickly beautiful: face masks

With daily skin care a beautiful, well-groomed skin is achieved as a result, as this is achieved with high quality, skin type matching products.

The daily, thorough is therefore essential to maintain beautiful and well-groomed skin.

In addition to gentle, thorough skin cleansing a type-appropriate day care is required.

Masks & Peeling

Individuelle Pflege für jeden Hauttyp

Gesichtspflege-Produkte sind optimal abgestimmt auf die verschiedenen Hauttypen wie normale Haut, trockene, fettige oder Mischhaut. Hierfür stehen Reinigungsmilch, Gesichtswasser (Tonic), Reinigungsschaum sowie Reinigungsgel zur Auswahl.

Die Gesichtspflege-Produkte sind optimal abgestimmt auf die verschiedenen Hauttypen wie Pflege- und Reinigungs-Produkte für die normale Haut, trockene, fettige oder Mischhaut. Hierfür stehen Reinigungsmilch, Gesichtswasser (Tonic), Reinigungsschaum sowie Reinigungsgel zur Auswahl.

Facial care & basic care

Facial peeling & serums

They enable the better absorption of the follow-up care, eg the face masks . The facial peelings and masks make the skin appear smoother, healthier and younger.

Serums are effective additional products rich in active ingredients. The deeply effective intensive care of the facial skin pampers it and can be applied both as a treatment and with regular use under daily care.

Facial cleansing

His & Hers for blemished skin

Blemished skin is a challenge for women and men alike. The daily use of selected products can quickly help to clear the complexion of problem skin.

The His & Hers line is a special care product for women and men with blemished skin.

From a thorough cleansing to a soothing mask, the line offers all possibilities to improve the complexion and bring the skin functions into their natural balance.

Face care


... is all-round care for the whole body. The success story of the apricot line is based on apricot oil and vitamins A and E, which nourish the skin intensively. These care products are known for their restorative effect, for youth and beauty.

All care products in the Déesse apricot line are based on apricot oil.


Take care of the facial skin

Affect skin aging

Hereditary predisposition determines up to a third how quickly our skin ages. We can influence two thirds ourselves through our lifestyle and diet. The earlier the skin is carefully cared for and cared for, the longer it stays beautiful.

The right care cosmetics

Demanding and mature skin needs specific care. Many struggle with unsightly pigment and age spots that make the skin appear pale and blotchy. It is therefore particularly important to pamper the skin with the right care products.