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Déesse Bodycare cosmetics

Body care with cleansing and caring cosmetics primarily serves to maintain and strengthen well-groomed skin and to avoid unpleasant body odors.

But the increase in general well-being is not neglected either.

Personal care lines

Rich feel-good cosmetics that care for and pamper the body

Tighten problem areas

Body creams

  • 123510 Anti-Cellulite Serum
  • 123520 Body Expert Firming body cream
  • 121760 Firming Firming body cream
  • 121630 Almond Care Body Lotion Almond Oil
  • 120870 Wellness Body cream with Q10
  • 121240 Body cream
  • 121250 Apricot body emulsion
  • 121640 Body butter almond oil & coconut
  • 121360 Stimulating gel for tired legs
  • 121600 Body butter with apricot oil
  • 120960 My Secret Body Butter

    The body cream cares, moisturizes and supplies the skin with valuable ingredients.

    It should be selected according to the needs of the skin.

    Because our skin is the most important protective shield against all possible negative influences from the outside world.

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