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Regeneration against skin aging


This concentrate is for the regeneration and protection of damaged skin that has been unbalanced by intensive sun exposure, visits to the solarium, as a result of cosmetic procedures, environmental pollution and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Essence against premature aging

The highly concentrated , pure and effective hydrogel supports the natural repair and regeneration mechanisms of the skin caused by excessive UVA / UVB exposure, slight allergic reactions or as a result of cosmetic interventions is out of whack.

The essence counteracts visible, premature aging of the skin.

The Déesse Society Zürich Repair Essence contains an active ingredient in an isolated and concentrated form. This active ingredient from probiotic bifidobacteria strengthens the skin barrier and thus its protective function. This enables the skin to better defend itself against harmful influences and their effects - not least premature skin aging.

Activate the skin's repair mechanism

According to biotechnological research, the active ingredient " Bifida Ferment Lysate " has shown a reduction in UV-related damage to the skin. This new anti-aging ingredient has a strong immune protection and stimulating effect.

This enables the skin to better defend itself against harmful influences and their effects - not least premature skin aging.

This activates the repair mechanism at the cellular level and strengthens the resistance of the skin cells.

Protect from environmental influences

The natural DNA skin protection as well as the repair mechanisms strengthen the skin protection layer, the skin thickness and elasticity improve.

Swelling and redness (also as a result of slight allergic reactions) are reduced. The tolerance limit of the short-term sensitive skin is thus improved day by day. Ultimately, the skin is gently protected from negative environmental influences and, with regular use, prevents premature aging extremely effectively, making the skin look more radiant and fresher.

Application : Apply this special care with rejuvenating effect daily in the morning and / or in the evening on cleansed skin, let it soak in briefly and then use the usual care cream.

Do not use in combination with other special products from the Déesse range: Caviar Intensive Serum, AHA Night Cream, Serum Phyto-Stimulines, Booster Intensive Moisturizing Care.

Article no. 125100, 15 ml

Society Zürich Repair Essence ist ein hochkonzentriertes, reines und effektives Hydrogel. Es unterstützt die natürlichen Reparatur- und Regenerationsmechanismen der Haut, die durch eine übermäßige UVA / UVB Belastung aus dem Gleichgewicht geraten ist.


Valuable anti-aging elixir

Against skin aging

Visibly counteract the signs of aging. The new Déesse Society Genève Anti-Aging Complex contains the innovative formulation of numerous effective active ingredients based on water.

Expression lines are relaxed, the skin looks smoother.

Activate collagen synthesis

This Anti-Aging-Complex is characterized by light water obtained in a laborious manner, it is free of impurities and can therefore better absorb the active ingredients or smuggle them between the skin cells.

The conotoxin of the cone snail was modeled biomimetically, relaxes the muscles and expression lines, the skin looks smoother and firmer.

The active ingredients of ginseng and gardenia activate collagen synthesis and skin firmness.

A high-quality combination of hyaluronic acid supplies the skin with moisture.

These innovative active ingredients give the skin new energy and visibly counteract the characteristics of skin aging.

Article no. 125110, 30 ml

The Anti-Aging - Complex contains two different structural forms of hyaluronic acids :

  • the large hyaluronic acid molecules lie on the skin and store moisture
  • the smaller molecules can penetrate the top layer of the skin and develop skin-regenerating properties there

A highly efficient peptide isolated from yeast increases the firmness of the skin and promotes its elasticity. In addition, the Déesse Society Geneve Anti-Aging Complex stimulates collagen synthesis and protects cells from environmental stress.

The visible and noticeable success of this highly effective serum with regular and long-term use is based on an efficient combination of active ingredients. So-called "light water", which is freed from heavy isotopes through a complex physical process, ensures a higher density of active ingredients.
Hyaluronic acid gives your skin plenty of moisture. The mu-conotoxin used plays a special role. This sends the facial muscles an impulse to loosen up, which also relaxes the facial skin.
On the one hand, this counteracts the formation of new wrinkles, and on the other hand, it has a smoothing effect on existing wrinkles.

Regine Grosch Déesse Consultant


«Light water» Purified from harmful isotopes by a complex process
Water. This has the ability to absorb a higher density of active ingredients.
In addition, the dermal bioavailability is increased and thus the penetration of the active ingredients into the skin is improved.
Mu-Conotoxin Biomimetically reproduced neurotoxin of the cone snail. Gives the facial muscles an impulse to relax; Expression lines are reduced.
Hyaluronic acid Hyaluronic acid molecules of different sizes develop skin-regenerating ones
Properties and ensure optimal moisture in the skin.

Society Line Genève Anti-Aging Complex : Apply morning and evening to well-cleansed skin. Do not use the usual day and night care until the Society Genève Anti-Aging Complex has been completely absorbed.

Do not use in combination with the Déesse AHA night cream with alpha-hydroxy acids.

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