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Apricot kernel oil

How is it made?

Fruity scent of apricot

Apricot Kernel Oil , also called Apricot Oil , is a vegetable oil that is obtained from apricot kernels, i.e. the inner almond of the stone.


The oil content of the apricot kernel is remarkable, it is approx. 35% of the weight. In its triglycerides, apricot kernel oil contains a high proportion of essential fatty acid residues and vitamin E. apricot kernel oil is cold-pressed. Due to the high proportion of unsaturated fats, it is also a very valuable oil for nutrition.

The core that has more to offer than you might think

Since apricot kernel oil goes rancid quickly - also due to its unsaturated fats - usually only small amounts of the mildly fruity oil come onto the market. Much of the apricot kernel oil is refined after cold pressing. As a result, the typical aroma is largely lost, but the shelf life increases.

Refined apricot kernel oil is mainly used in the cosmetics industry for the production of nourishing ointments, creams and shampoos.

Apricot kernel oil is used in the following products:

  • in all products of the Apricot Line
  • Vita Q10 Refill Face Cream
  • Moisture Mask Refill