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Easy maintenance in the summer months

Appropriate cosmetics.

Imagine you have an hour to yourself and disappear into your bathroom ....

Vitalizing bath

You have a nice bath, add 3 full lids to the warm water wellness vitalizing bath and slowly lie down in the bathtub.

The scent of eucalyptus surrounds you and you start to exfoliate your skin with the wellness body peeling to gently remove excess skin.

Shampoo & Conditioner

You let the peeling act on your skin and wash your hair with the Color & Curl hair shampoo and massage the hair after rinsing Déesse hair mask in the hair.

Now you lie back in the warm bath water and distribute the on your face. So 20 minutes pass and you can feel your spirits slowly awakening again.

Apricot scent

You step out of the bathtub onto a fluffy bath mat that has been washed with LAO (LAO can be put in the washing machine as a fabric softener, a cap is sufficient and the laundry smells like apricot) and dry off.

Your hair is easy to comb thanks to the hair mask , your skin feels fresh and is treated with the Wellness body and massage oil with cream.

A flowery-fresh scent of violets and geraniums caresses your nose.

From head to toe

Before you slip into your slippers, your feet are given a little massage with the wellness foot butter . You put on your fluffy bath robe and cream your face with the fine face butter from the Déesse My Secret line.

You take a good book off the shelf, prepare a cup of Daily Balance Tea and snuggle up on your couch in the living room. </ p >

The smell of the fruity aroma of the tea caresses your nose and you feel at home in your own wellness oasis ...

Would you like to enjoy such a wellness hour with your friends? Call me and we will make an appointment at your home. As a host, you enjoy the advantages of the monthly changing host offers and 10% of the regular turnover in the form of Déesse products. Incidentally, these advantages also apply to a WhatsApp party or a wellness party online via Zoom. I look forward to your call or WhatsApp message!