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Aprikosenöl ist die Basis der Déesse Aprikosen-Pflegelinie

Care with apricot cosmetics

The Apricot Line is the first basic care line from Déesse and was developed on the basis of apricot oil.

Cleansing and care of the skin form a unit. The skin is cleaned gently, and special active ingredients then give the skin the right care. The result is velvety skin.

Déesse apricot line

Apricot oil cares for the whole body

All-round talent in skin care

Déesse apricot oil is a versatile skin care product and consists of 35 percent high-quality apricot kernel oil. It has a beneficial effect on dry face and body skin, retains moisture inward, makes the skin supple and wonderfully soft and protects it from the influences of our environment.

Apricot oil is versatile

The Déesse apricot oil contains among other things vitamin A and vitamin E. Vitamin A is known for its restorative effect and vitamin E is the vitamin of youth and beauty called.

Déesse apricot oil is a versatile care product for the whole family, it soothes, nourishes and protects the skin.

Déesse apricot oil

The original, the Déesse Apricot Oil is available in 30 ml or 50 ml. For on the go and suitable for every handbag, there are the minis in a set of 3 with 4 ml each. A clever care, that you don't have to do without anywhere. In the anniversary year of Déesse, 2021, the 50 ml version will be available in a particularly elegant dispenser box.

Application recommendation:

Apricot Oil can also be applied to rough areas of the body. It is considered an excellent skin care product and is wonderfully suitable as an occasional facial care product, especially for very dry skin. The apricot oil can also be used as a restorative night care. It does a good job of treating wounds.

Déesse apricot oil

The apricot oil is ideal for the care of dry skin areas and is available with 30 ml or 50 ml as well as a 3 mini set with 4 ml each.

The apricot oil is versatile. It is beneficial and retains moisture in the skin. The oil contains vitamins A and E.

Aprikosenöl 30 ml


Aprikosenöl 50 ml

A combination of apricot oil and coconut oil is apricot-coconut oil. It is moisturizing and soothing.

The apricot oil has a nourishing effect, the coconut oil has a cooling effect.

Apricot oil minis

Ideal for the handbag and on the go.

  • Set of 3 mini apricot oil, 3 x 4 ml
  • Set of 3 mini apricot coconut oil, 3 x 4 ml



Apricot-oil Mini

Apricot-coconut-oil Mini

The valuable oil is extracted from the core of the apricot and is used not only in the cosmetics of the apricot line but also in other cosmetic products from Déesse. Thanks to the vitamins A and E contained in the apricot oil, the skin is cared for as soft as silk.
The supple care is a real treat for rough areas on the body. The scent of apricots is convincing. The apricot oil can be used all over the body, highly recommended for dry facial skin, especially during the cold season.

Nourishing cosmetics from the apricot line:

Apricot stick

The Déesse apricot stick protects and cares for the sensitive lips.

The apricot stick contains apricot kernel and wheat germ oil. With SPF 12, the apricot stick is ideal for sun and cold protection.

The pencil is applied to the nose, the cheeks and the lips and is also a popular aid for customers with insect bites.

Apricot concentrate

The Déesse Apricot Concentrate t helps with dry and stressed skin as well as chapped lips through a higher concentration of vitamin E. The concentrate makes skin and lips silky soft again and protects against moisture loss.

The beeswax contained in the concentrate forms a thin film on the skin that protects against external influences.

This concentrate also contains UVA and UVB protection.


In the Déesse Apricot Spray the advantages of the high-quality apricot oil are in a practical form as a spray. As a spray, it is absorbed immediately, leaves the skin feeling silky and is easy to dose.

The spray pampers your face and body. Even dry or brittle hair ends receive an extra dose of care and become shiny and supple again. The spray smells wonderfully of apricot.

Apricot hand cream

The Déesse Apricot Hand Cream offers integrated nail care through rich, intensive care. The hand cream is quickly absorbed, hands and nails are optimally cared for.

The hand cream supplies stressed and dry skin with the valuable vitamins E and B.

Apricot scrub

The Déesse Apricot Scrub is a gentle peeling to remove rough areas and dead skin. With the peeling a smooth and supple skin is achieved. The peeling particles consist of stone particles from the apricot kernel. A great pampering experience with a subtle fragrance.

Apricot bodylotion

The Déesse Apricot Body Emulsion (Lotion) is a rich, nourishing and moisturizing body emulsion with a delicate apricot scent. The emulsion is quickly absorbed by the skin and does not leave a greasy film. Enjoy a velvety, supple skin feeling.

LAO shower concentrate

The Déesse LAO, Lotion Apricot Originale, is a 1 liter concentrate for showering and bathing from the Apricot Line . Creamy foam envelops the body and thoroughly cleanses the skin; it stays supple after showering and has a subtle smell of apricots.

The LAO is a soap-free, pH-neutral shower bath with valuable apricot extract.

Apricot shampoo

The Déesse Apricot Hair Shampoo is a mild and nourishing shampoo, it gives shine and body and is easy to comb. The shampoo is ideal for daily hair washing with a fine apricot scent. The hair is washed thoroughly and gently.

The shampoo is suitable for all hair types.

Apricot bodybutter

Enjoy and pamper yourself with the nourishing Déesse body butter with apricot oil .

The body butter is easy to spread and gives the skin a smooth, well-groomed, silky soft feel. Apricot kernel oil, mango butter, shea butter and almond oil combine with the scent of fresh apricot. With a new dimension of care and wellbeing!

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