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Supplement a healthy diet

on a natural basis

Déesse nutritional supplements

with functional nutrients

All Déesse nutritional supplements are guaranteed free of genetically modified ingredients.

All ingredients are tested according to Swiss and European standards.

The dietary supplements are registered and are continuously checked by:

  • specialised, independent laboratories
  • Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) in Bern if required.
  • Cantonal laboratories: food inspectors check production (hygiene) and the finished products (contents according to packaging information).

Replacement guarantee: 6 months in case of dissatisfaction, 1 year guarantee for the freshness of the product.


Our body needs nutrients

Support your body in its functions and bring it into equilibrium with a functional food supplements. This does not supplement the food but rather the valuable nutrients that our body needs every day in order to be able to function.

Support from within

Energy for more power

Vitality - think about later early enough

DS 7 - seven nutrients

A unique, functional supplement to nutrition is DS 7 with seven functional focuses . Anti-aging, eye protection, blood circulation and vascular protection, skin and beauty, intestinal flora are equally important for men and women.

Mehr Infos über DS 7

Supplement food

with valuable, functional nutrients

Live consciously - eat consciously - with food supplements

Do something good for your health today with the dietary supplement from Déesse. FOR your health and not later against an illness.

Déesse is one of the most quality-conscious suppliers of nutritional supplement products

Food supplements from Déesse are not only characterized by their specific properties, the ingredients are also constantly checked for heavy metals, pollutants and microbiological contamination.

Natural ingredients

Déesse attaches great importance to the fact that only natural ingredients are used in the products of the nutritional supplements and that no genetic modifications or animal experiments are carried out.

Déesse food supplement is divided into three areas. These complement each other perfectly:

  • support from within
  • energy
  • vitality

That is why a healthy and varied diet is so important!

Hustle and bustle and stress, lack of time and fast food usually stand in the way of this. Dietary supplements can counteract the possible deficiency and are therefore beneficial to health.

Important: Balanced diet!

Today it is undisputed that a balanced and moderate diet has a major impact on human health. It is estimated that diet-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and various degenerative diseases account for around 30% of total healthcare costs in developed western countries.

Why is nutritional supplement so important?

Today's diet:

  • Fast food, ready-made and light products
  • White flour products
  • Refined sugar
  • Hydrogenated fats
  • Meat (factory farming)
  • Plant spray
  • Chemical additives (preservatives, colors, flavorings, sweeteners, etc.)
  • Pollution
  • Depleted soil = deficit of vital substances
  • Long transport routes = loss of quality
  • Unripe harvested fruits and vegetables = lack of vitamins and minerals
  • Additional acidification caused by stress

What makes vitamins so essential?

The multitude of vitamins affects our organism in different ways. They are involved in many metabolic reactions and strengthen, among other things. the immune system and are essential for building cells, blood cells, bones and teeth.

What do we need vitamins for?

The human organism needs vitamins for vital functions. Humans are not able to produce vitamins themselves, with the exception of the bone-forming vitamin D, which is formed when staying in the sun. Our body can only store a few vitamins in limited quantities, so they have to be constantly supplied with food so that there is no deficiency.

Important: Dietary supplements cannot replace a healthy diet. The purpose of nutritional supplements is to supplement when there is an increased need!

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