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Déesse apricot oil

Thanks to its unique composition, apricot oil cares for the skin,
builds it up and leaves an invisible protective layer.
It is extracted from the core of the apricot.

Déesse apricot oil - protects and cares

The essential fatty acids contained in Déesse apricot oil protect the skin under particular stress and thus act as a kind of protective barrier for the skin on the outside and at the same time retain moisture on the inside.

The apricot oil has a beneficial effect on dry face and body skin. It is considered an ideal care product for rough skin.

The tenderly melting oil is a treat for body and mind, rough areas of the body and face are smoothly cared for, the fruity scent of ripe apricots puts you in a good mood and pampers the senses.

Déesse apricot oil: the "golden" fruit of the apricot line

The apricot oil is absorbed immediately and ensures suppleness.

As part of the apricot line of cosmetics, apricot oil is especially suitable for dry, very sensitive skin. In creams, this apricot oil counteracts premature skin aging.

This unique care product is a versatile skin care product and has a beneficial effect on dry face and body skin. Among other things, it contains vitamin A and E. Vitamin A is known for its restorative effect and vitamin E is also called the vitamin for youth and beauty.

Déesse apricot oil can be applied to rough areas of the body. It is wonderfully suitable as an occasional facial care product for very dry skin. Furthermore, the apricot oil can be used as a restorative night care.

The oil leaves a shiny film on the skin and should therefore not come into contact with clothes.

Regine Grosch Déesse Consultant

Versatile skin care product

Due to its nourishing properties, Déesse Apricot Oil pampers and soothes stressed skin. The apricot oil softens and smoothes rough and dry lips, makes rough parts of the body (elbows, feet, knees, etc.) supple or serves as a rich night care for dry facial skin.


When it comes to Déesse Apricot Oil , there is often a misunderstanding as to the consistency of this skin care product.
It is by no means liquid, as you know it from an oil.
It is like one Cream and is removed from the cream pot with a spatula and then applied to the skin.

Ingredients - pack sizes

Order Déesse cosmetics: Déesse apricot oil from the apricot line as a 3-piece mini set with 4 ml
The minis are great for on the go, because they fit in every pocket.

Apricot oil is available in: 50 ml, 30 ml or
in a set of 3 mini 3 x 4 ml
(practical for on the go)

Article no .: 120090 30 ml, 120080 50 ml,
100390 Set of 3 Mini

Apricot kernel oil, wheat germ oil, tocopherol

How is apricot kernel oil obtained? Read here.

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