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For a wonderful, velvety skin feeling

Almond oil forms the basis of the Déesse Almond Care range. The oleic acid it contains results in a wonderful, velvety skin feeling.

The oil also has a soothing and nourishing effect and protects the skin.

Young Skin Almond Care Line

Almond oil - a precious oil in skin care

Well tolerated by sensitive skin

The main component of the Almond Care line, almond oil, is effective for dry and sensitive skin that tends to become brittle, flaky and itchy. Thanks to its incomparable mildness and its well-tolerated properties, almond oil is often used in baby and child care and also for sensitive and older skin.

Soothing and nourishing

The oleic acid contained in almond oil gives the skin a wonderful, velvety feel. The oil has a soothing, caring and protective effect. It primarily helps dry and sensitive skin, which is prone to brittleness, flaking and itching.

Gentle cold pressing

The almond oil is obtained from the ripe fruits of the almond using the cold pressing process. Before the gentle pressing process can be carried out, the almond kernels are first crushed. The cold pressing is repeated several times. Repeatedly until the clear almond oil is produced through the filtration.

For dry and sensitive skin

Almond oil body cream

The Almond Oil Cream contains shea butter and Cocoa butter.

This great smelling cream forms a protective layer on the surface of the skin. Ideal for mature and sensitive skin, but it is also suitable for delicate children's skin.

The Déesse almond oil cream is slowly absorbed into the skin and forms a protective layer on the surface of the skin. It is suitable for children and young adults with delicate skin. But also for older, particularly vulnerable skin.

Suitable for normal, dry skin.

Article no .: 121430, 50 ml

Almond oil, jojoba oil

Application: If necessary, apply to the skin several times a day and massage in gently.

Almond oil body lotion

Thanks to high-quality almond oil, chamomile blossom extract, bisabolol and vitamin E, this body lotion is a care product for sensitive and dry skin.

Sweet almond oil pampers the skin and protects against moisture loss.

Suitable for all skin types. Also for children from 3 years.

Article no .: 121630, 200 ml

Almond oil, chamomile extract

Application: Apply sparingly to the skin of the body and massage in gently. Use several times a day if necessary.

Nourishing body butter almond oil & coconut

The delicate aroma of sweet almonds meets exotic coconut in the nourishing body butter almond oil & coconut and merges into an incomparable feel-good scent. Thanks to the combination of moisturizing cocoa and shea butter and moisture-retaining squalane, the rich body butter leaves the skin feeling wonderfully cared for, smoothed and supple.

Suitable for all skin types. Also for children from 3 years.

Article-No.: 121640, 150 ml

Almond Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Squalane, Coconut

LOA shower concentrate

Almond blossom extract and wheat germ proteins are available as shower and bath concentrate. LOA pampers like silk, caresses the body.

This soap-free, gently preserved and pH-skin-neutral shower emulsion is enriched with valuable almond blossom extracts and wheat germ proteins.

Suitable for all skin types.

Article no .: 127400, 1 liter

Glycerin, almond blossom extract

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