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Nutritional supplement


Valuable & Sustainable

Swiss natural-based cosmetics.

Developed for special skin tolerance.

Beauty and well-being.

Déesse offers you a large selection
of nourishing Cosmetics,
tailored to
different skin types.

Cruelty free
active ingredient -Cosmetics.

World of beauty

Déesse cosmetics for clear, well-groomed skin

Déesse cosmetic lines for face and body care, the décolleté. hands and feet. Hair care and hair styling. Antiaging.

Tightening and moisturizing care. Care for mature skin.

See the Déesse cosmetic lines

Sun care

Warm sunrays on the skin. This needs protection & care. Protection and skin care substances are important during and after sunbathing. Déesse sun protection cosmetics are effective and caring.

Sun protection & care

Save cleverly

Take advantage of Déesse's monthly changing special offers.

Find out more about the new Déesse products that are particularly cheap in the launch period .

Günstig einkaufen und Geld sparen mit den Déesse Kundenofferten
Save cleverly with Déesse offers


Vegan cosmetics

Face Cream & Eye Cream</span >

Vegan cosmetics


For particularly dehydrated skin.

Déesse is breaking new, extremely innovative ground with the Umibudō line and combines vegan formulations of efficient and pampering ingredients with an airless-based refill packaging system .

  • combined day and night care
  • pampers the skin with a velvety soft formula
  • novel ingredients
  • for very dehydrated skin

Déesse cosmetics has always attached great importance to the development and manufacture of cosmetics that are not tested on animals has now gone one step further to vegan cosmetics.









For a natural beauty

Follow with of the decorative cosmetics from Déesse the current beauty trends

Beauty world with Déesse

Make-up, face powder, lipstick or
mascara - you'll find it here you always the right thing!

Perfect complexion

With our make-up program you can achieve a balanced, even and matt complexion without that this appears mask-like.

Find out more about the Déesse beauty world

Inner Beauty

Dietary supplements are foods that are
a useful addition to the daily diet.
</ p>

Support the body with sensible supplements for the health of tomorrow.

Support your body in its functions and bring it into balance with a functional nutritional supplement that provides the necessary nutrients.

Help your body with the nutrients that are important for the metabolism. Dietary supplements should be part of a healthy lifestyle and serve to maintain health and can increase physical well-being.

Déesse nutritional supplements: all information


Success [ &] Freedom

in the beauty business

as an independent Déesse consultant.


beeing an independant Déesse consultant

Caviar Intensive Cosmetics

Anti-aging for mature skin

Apricot Spray

Apricot oil nourishes and protects

Apricot oil

30 or 50 ml

Skin care from the apricot line

Rich foot butter

from the wellness line

for well-groomed, soft feet

Déesse hair care cosmetics

Caffeine Green Tea Shampoo

Camphor cream & camphor spray

beneficial relaxation

Déesse camphor line

Cosmetics for men

Men Care line

or ALASKA line

Showers & cleaning

LRO and other concentrates

Sun products

Pre Tan, Sunscreens  & After Sun

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