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Take care of the skin while showering

Care and shower baths by Déesse for daily and gentle cleansing of the skin , with fine, natural fragrance components.

L-shower concentrates for showering pleasure

Freshness and new momentum with well-groomed skin

All Déesse lotions are suitable for bathing and showering. They are soap-free, skin-friendly (pH-neutral), moisturizing and suitable for sensitive skin.

The contained active ingredients protect the skin from drying out and give it a moisture-retaining protective film.

Wide range of wonderful fragrances

LAO : Lotion Apricot Originals, with the scent of ripe apricots

LCP : Lotion Concentrée Passion, with valuable passion fruit oil

L-Fruity & Bitter : Citrus-bitter scent of grapefruit

LEO : Lotion Exotique Originale, extract made of Australian peach, lime and acacia

LOA : Lotion Originale Amande, almond blossom extract and wheat proteins

LO- Fresh & Spicy: pH-neutral shower bath with a summery neroli note and a fresh, tart smell of bergamot.

LRO : Lotion rose originals, coconut base with extracts of yucca and aloe vera. Fragrance-free, as without perfumes.

LBO : Lotion Bleue Originals, base of coconut oil, aloe vera and yucca, aquamarine freshness

PH-neutral, biodegradable

Retains moisture in the skin

Whether showering, bathing, washing hands - it works wonderfully with our "skin flatterers". PH-neutral, biodegradable, moisture-retaining, caring, firming.

What do you feel like doing today?

Apricot, aloe vera, mango, peach, passion fruit, grapefruit or maybe a wonderful almond scent?

Morning full baths or shower baths invigorate, drive away tiredness and can flush toxins out of the body. The optimal water temperature in the morning is around 36 degrees.

The wet pleasure in the evening is ideal for stress relief and relaxation.

The water temperature should then be between 37 and 38 degrees. Too hot water not only stresses the circulation, but also strains the connective tissue. Bathing fun shouldn't last longer than 20 minutes.

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