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Mineral Plus

Minerals and trace elements

Acid-base balance

Mineral Plus reguliert und sorgt für den Ausgleich im Säure- Basen - Haushalt. Mineralstoffe sind wichtige Regelstoffe im Körper.

Inulin pflegt die Darmflora und erleichtert somit die Aufnahme der Mineralien. In Form von Tabletten als auch als Pulver erhältlich.

Minerals for the body

  • Mineral Plus works against over-acidification of the body
  • Mineral Plus can help the body to detox
  • Mineral Plus can supply the body with essential minerals
  • Mineral Plus can improve general well-being

Déesse Mineral plus , the plus of minerals and trace elements in your daily diet! The result is a mineral cocktail to support and maintain important body functions: Mineral plus is rich in basic minerals that help regulate the acid-base balance.

Ingredients for regulation

  • Calcium plays an important role in the transmission of stimuli in the nervous system
  • Magnesium plays an important role in energy metabolism and in the transmission of stimuli in the nervous system during muscle contraction
  • Zinc is necessary to maintain the normal metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and to generate energy
  • Iron is necessary for blood formation and the transport of oxygen into the tissues for energy production
  • Selenium protects the organism against oxidation reactions, has antioxidant properties
  • Calcium and magnesium are components of bones and teeth. Calcium is an essential mineral for building bones and teeth

Regulates the acid-base balance

Mineral Plus balances the acid-base balance. Minerals are important regulating substances in the body. Inulin cares for the intestinal flora and thus facilitates the absorption of minerals. Available in tablet and powder form.

Acid-base balance
Mineral plus is rich in the basic minerals calcium and magnesium and the basic trace elements copper, iron and manganese. This supports the regulation of the acid-base balance.

This results in Mineral Plus a mineral cocktail to support and maintain important body functions.

Article no .:

126220 Mineral Plus , 300 tablets

126120, 250 gr. powder

Wheat fibers, calcium carbonate, potassium citrate, inulin, magnesium carbonate, emulsifier soy lecithin, anti-caking agents: magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide, selenium yeast, iron sulfate, zinc oxide, angane sulfate, copper sulfate. Gluten free.

Consumption recommendation:

Tablets : Take 5 tablets (2.5 g) once or twice a day with a glass of water. Recommended daily portion up to 10 tablets (5 g).

Powder : Dissolve 1 level teaspoon (approx. 2 g) in a little liquid (water or fruit juice) twice a day and drink. The powder can also be stirred into yogurt, quark, juice or tea.

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