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Wellness for the feet

The wellness rich foot butter deodorises and cares for the feet to a special degree.

Rich foot butter

Deodorising & caring

What helps against dry, rough and cracked feet?

The Déesse Wellness foot butter offers quick and uncomplicated care for dry, rough and cracked feet. With the active ingredients Area, cocoa butter, shea butter and almond oil, this foot care product is extremely rich. It is important here to achieve a care effect through moisturizing and moisture retention, which also achieves adequate deodorization of the feet.

With the right care, you'll soon be looking forward to velvety soft feet! The rich foot butter from the wellness line contains extra urea, cocoa butter, shea butter and almond oil. It has a caring, moisture-preserving, moisturizing and deodorizing effect. The fresh scent does the rest and revitalizes tired feet. You can achieve a particularly good care result if you exfoliate your feet before applying the foot butter. The best way is to use the body peeling with fruit enzymes, which can gently remove flakes of skin beforehand. The wellness effect of applying the foot butter after the peeling is thus increased. In this way, the feet get a velvety soft skin feeling.

The wellness foot butter contains a high proportion of urea, which keeps the callused skin soft and supple.

The Déesse foot butter is ideal for foot massages. The rich foot butter has a deodorant, nourishing and refreshing effect.

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Suitable for all skin types.

Article no .: 128010, 150 ml

Refill-Jar: 191010 150 ml

Application: Massage in well in the morning and / or in the evening.

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