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Anti-aging cosmetics

The first signs of biological aging can be felt around the age of 25. With increasing age, the skin also loses moisture.

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Getting older without wrinkles

The production and number of collagen and elastin fibers decrease, this lack of elasticity leads to the formation of wrinkles.
Getting older, yes, but with healthy, wrinkle-free skin, please! The next 4 steps can help you achieve velvety soft skin.

Anti-aging application, care & tricks

Thorough cleansing: the basis for beautiful skin

Like a film, sebum, sweat and dust are deposited on the skin. Thorough and gentle cleansing is the best prerequisite for well-cared for, beautiful skin. Even those who do not use make-up should attach great importance to thorough facial cleansing in the morning and in the evening.

It is particularly effective to use the cleansing milk , cleansing foam or that match your skin type Massage the cleansing gel into damp skin for at least 2 minutes; this will loosen keratinized skin cells more easily. The subsequent special care is better absorbed by the skin. Wash off the cleansing product with warm water and then cleanse with the appropriate facial toner for your skin type.

Article no .: 120280, 200 ml

Peeling with fruit enzymes for a fresh look

The smoother the surface, the more radiant the complexion, "goodbye gray veil!". Horn scales act like a barrier and therefore belong "peeled away". Peelings stimulate the skin circulation, smoothen, activate and train the skin and stimulate skin activity. The enzymes contained in this product split the dead skin cells and thus ensure a gentle peeling effect.

Wellness body peeling with fruit enzymes can be used once a week (only once a month for very dry and thin skin). Apply the body scrub thinly and rinse off gently with warm water after 10 minutes. The eye area and mouth area should be left out.

Article no .: 120860, 200 ml

Moisturizing mask - vacation for the skin

The moisturizing mask has a nourishing, smoothing and regenerating effect. Masks are generally beneficial and quick beautifiers. Important ingredients of the moisturizing mask are apricot kernel oil, hyaluronic acid, allantoin, wheat germ protein, panthenol, vitamin E. The mask provides the skin with long-lasting moisture.

If necessary, apply the Moisturizing Mask thinly to the cleansed face with the mask brush several times a week. Let it work for 10-20 minutes.

Article no. 120690, 100 ml

Apple stem cell eye cream - gives the eye area new freshness and elasticity

The Déesse Apple Stem Cell Eye Cream evens out expression lines, strengthens and tightens the eye contours. This new anti-aging combination reduces the rate of skin aging.

The eye cream has a moisturizing, calming and refreshing effect on the eye area.

Article no .: 121810, 15 ml

What is niacinamide?

Niacinamide or Vitamin B3 has been THE active ingredient for some time when it comes to smooth skin. Niacinamide stimulates the formation of collagen fibers (the supporting structure of the skin), offers protection against UV-related stress and promotes an even skin tone. For this reason, niacinamide is mainly used in cosmetics to reduce pigment spots - which are often referred to as unadorned as age spots.

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