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C.G.F. intensive plus

highly concentrated extract from Chlorella

Chlorella Growth Factor

Of natural origin, the C.G.F. Intensive plus the body in its functions.

C.G.F. Intensiv plus is a highly concentrated extract from Chlorella pyrenoidosa. In it, part of the impressive range of effects of Chlorella increases many times over.

Only Chlorella has the Chlorella Growth Factor. C.G.F. is a distinctive part of the cell nucleus of Chlorella.

Valuable extract from chlorella

C.G.F. intense plus is rich in nucleic acids. C.G.F. contains numerous vitamins, amino acids, complex protein bodies, enzymes and glycoproteins. Finally, through digestion, various nutrients and organic substances from Chlorella and C.G.F. find their connection to the bloodstream. Taken together with Chlorella, C.G.F. as a «daughter substance» the effects of its «parent substance» Chlorella . Chlorella and CGF are an «unbeatable team»!

The C.G.F. intensive plus with EPA, Q10, NADH (coenzyme 1) and biotin as well as vitamins B1 + B3, forms Chlorella with the well-known Déesse Chlorella dietary supplement products Standard and Chlorella plus, a valuable combination of active ingredients. This makes it the ideal «partner product» for the Chlorella - products.

The C.G.F. Extract works all over the body, deep into the cells. It can promote the supply of micronutrients, promote internal cleansing and protect cells.

Advantages of the C.G.F. plus

Outstanding characteristics of C.G.F. Plus. Can:

  • have an antiallergic effect and improve the digestion of dairy products
  • improve the intestinal flora
  • Boost the immune system
  • Reduce susceptibility to bacterial infections
  • promote the body's regeneration in times of stress
  • make more resilient in everyday life
  • improve physical and mental performance


Article no .: 126300, 30 capsules (12 gr.)

C.G.F., algae extract from Chlorella Pyrenoidosa, (250 mg / capsule), Q10, NADH, biotin (75 mg / capsule)

Consumption recommendation: Take 1 capsule daily with some liquid.

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