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Oily skin is very sensitive

The skin is oily, moist, oily and has a tendency to blackheads (seborrhoe oleosa), but it can also be mistaken for dry skin due to white, oily flakes (seborrhoe sicca), because it can lead to feelings of tension.

You can recognize it by the fact that it has large pores and is prone to blackheads. Oily skin is very sensitive and needs a lot of moisture.

Cleaning & care

for oily skin (seborrhoe oleosa)

Oily skin usually shows imperfections

Oily skin is one of the four skin types and looks oily and shiny. Unfortunately, it is prone to impurities . It is mostly found on the face, but it can also appear on the upper shoulder and back area. The lubricant, which is useful in itself and which keeps the skin supple and is supposed to protect it from external influences, is produced too much. Still, there is a lot that can be done to improve the complexion of oily skin. Your Déesse skin care advisor will be happy to help you with tips.

Stress, hormonal fluctuations and genetic predispositions are mostly responsible for oily and blemished skin. Déesse offers the right cosmetics for skin cleansing and care.

How do you recognize oily skin?

The characteristics of oily skin:

  • Oily skin has large pores up to the ears
  • It is shiny, greasy and moist
  • She has a tendency to have imperfections all over her face
  • The skin is poorly supplied with blood, which is why it is often pale and gray
  • It is tough and robust
  • and has no feeling of tension

Déesse offers an extensive care program

The following are important for oily skin: good hygiene and careful care

Cleansing the skin of the face:

His &  Hers mild cleaning foam

(123000) cleans pore-deep but gently and prevents impurities. Delays greasing and is especially suitable for oily, large-pored and blemished skin

His & Hers clarifying tonic

(123010) clears and refreshes the skin, dries out impurities and removes the last remnants of the cleansing foam

Washing cream

(122700) Cleans gently but thoroughly. Moisturizes and brings the lipid balance in the skin into balance

Mild cleaning gel

(122740) Cleans pore-deep and nourishing

Facial tonic with aloe vera

(122710) Mild, skin-friendly tonic with moisturizing and soothing care substances. Leaves behind a gently cleansed, refreshed face that is well prepared for the subsequent care

Masks: 2-3 times a week


(120640) efficient, rich combinations of active ingredients vitalize and regulate the skin, the facial features are calmed and appear relaxed. Anti-inflammatory, protective, cleansing, stimulating

Apricot mask

(120570) Clay and kaolin cleanse, care for and refine the skin, apricot gives the complexion its fresh look back. Reduces the pores, building, regenerating, nourishing


Enzymatic peeling

(120580) A mild peeling without granules. It gently but thoroughly removes dead skin and excess sebum. It works extremely gently and evenly. The enzyme peeling is soothing, nourishing and leaves your skin velvety soft. The pampered skin is now well prepared for the following care products

Peeling for sensitive skin

(120620) Mechanical peeling with natural polylactides from lactic acid. Impurities and dead skin are gently loosened and removed

C2S Combine to Shine

(123810) Face Cream Rich : rich 24-hour cream. Thanks to shea butter and berry wax, it leaves the skin feeling well cared for over the long term. The rich texture supplies the skin with moisture and lipids and supports the natural skin barrier. Suitable as a stand-alone care product for uncomplicated and young skin that is prone to dryness.

(123820) Fresh Look: quick beautifier for tired people and pale skin caused by stressful phases and little sleep. Awakens the skin, invigorates it and immediately gives it a fresh radiance. The result is instantly smoother, plumper and fresher looking skin.

(123830) Zen Feeling: quick help with irritated, tense, reddened skin caused by stress, temperature fluctuations and other external influences. C2S Concentrate Zen Feeling lays on the skin like a balm, soothes it and makes the skin feel pleasant.

With the Déesse cosmetics you fulfill the tasks against impurities, to maintain and improve the natural protective mechanism.

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Remove sebum & soothe skin

His & Hers mattifying face cream

(123130) Because combination skin needs different care on the dry areas in the cheek area , the matte face cream from the His & Hers line for forehead, nose and chin, if these areas become greasy after a short time.

Various ingredients ensure a matting effect and moisturizing components counteract the drying out of the skin.

Citrus night cream

The citrus night cream can regenerate combination skin at night, but can also be used as a day cream.

Extracts from orange and grapefruit seeds are known for their bacterial balancing properties. They are ideal for the care of blemished skin, are rich in antioxidants and provide the skin with moisture.

Camphor cream

(121060) The Déesse camphor cream is ideal for treating skin imperfections such as pimples and blackheads Shake the cream tube well before use and massage the cream into the blemishes, avoiding the eye area.


If the combination skin tends to have dry areas, the balancing Jojoba Moisturizing Cream can also be used.

Special cosmetics for oily skin

AHA Night cream

(120210) The AHA night cream, available as a refill, can gently loosen tired skin, impurities, clogged pores and dead skin cells - overnight. The various fruit acids can make the skin fresher and smoother with regular use.

Vita Fluid

(120490) Even oily skin likes freshness! The contained orange extract with a fresh fragrance and high vitamin C content gives a smooth, silky and - thanks to the feather-light texture - carefree skin feeling. The fruity-scented fluid absorbs immediately and provides refreshing care even at high temperatures.

Society Zürich Repair Essence

(125100 ) A concentrated and isolated active ingredient from probiotic bifidobacteria strengthens the skin barrier and thus its protective function. The Society Zürich Repair Essence is extremely economical to use as a hydrogel.

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