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Easy maintenance in the summer months

Adapted cosmetics

Summer is here - clothes are getting summery.

Cosmetics should be adapted to the season. Rich products that have cared for our skin, irritated by the cold and wind, and supplied it with moisture and oil, are now making way for lighter products. Due to UV radiation, sweat and chlorinated water, our skin now needs moisture, protection and now and then a little cooling. We have put together a small selection of light care products that are suitable for summer.

Moisturizing gel cream

This light day cream does what it says on the tin! Aloe Vera, the well-known desert plant, as well as natural oils and glycerine supply your skin with moisture. In addition, an integrated UV filter protects against premature skin aging caused by light.

Look forward to a refreshed skin feeling thanks to the gel-like consistency, the pleasant powdery scent rounds off the feel-good moment perfectly.

Alaska cooling eye stick

Tired eyes are a thing of the past, because the cooling effect of the ALASKA cooling eye stick instantly helps to keep a watchful eye.

If you keep the eye pencil in the refrigerator, the cooling effect can be intensified.

Thanks to the extremely simple application (eye stick out, gently brush over the eye area, done), the handy pencil with high-quality peptides is also ideal as a freshness kick during the day.

The light, fat-free formulation is absorbed immediately and can even be applied over make-up ~ ladies world, attention.

Antistress Mask

Regular relaxation units are the motto in the summer months - for example with our anti-stress mask. This gel mask not only provides intensive moisture, but also has a slightly cooling effect and thus ensures relaxation , it is supported by its light fragrance. Refreshed skin and a relaxed mind in just five minutes.

Tip : Put the mask in the fridge beforehand to increase the cooling effect.

Gel for tired legs

Especially in summer, heavy legs are often noticeable after long days. With our Gel for tired legs you can easily shake off this heaviness: The light gel too various essential oils (sage, rosemary) and extracts (ivy, horse chestnut, butcher's broom) as well as menthol has a refreshing and stimulating effect.

The fat-free formulation is quickly absorbed and provides the skin with plenty of moisture without sticking. Look forward to a feeling of lightness and soft, supple skin.