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Body care in winter sports

Protection against UV radiation and intensive skin care

Proper care on a ski or winter vacation

The colder it gets, the less sebum the skin produces, making it drier and less resistant to external influences. This also includes UV radiation, which on the one hand increases in higher areas (approx. 15% per 1000 meters) and on the other hand is also reflected by ice and snow.

If you often switch between the cold air on the slopes and the warm, dry air in the hut, even the most robust skin reacts at some point, especially on the face and hands irritated. But the skiing holiday also poses challenges for our muscles:

  • On the one hand there is the "normal" sore muscles that all those struggle with who do not take it very seriously with regular exercise for the rest of the year.
  • On the other hand, this can be intensified by the constant alternation between stress while driving and cooling down, for example when waiting for the ski lift.


Facial cleansing and care in the morning routine

Mild cleansing:

Start with a gentle cleansing that does not dry out the skin any further. A combination of Cleansing Oil and Mild Facial Toner.

A rich day care:

In winter it can be a cream with a higher fat content than in your usual care, in order to compensate for the reduced sebum production. For example, the Alpine Concept Day Cream is ideal.

A good eye cream:

The bright light makes us squint our eyes a lot. In addition to high-quality ski goggles with UV protection, an intensely nourishing eye cream should therefore not be missing in the repertoire - such as the Alpine Concept Cream for the care of the eye area .

Sun protection:

The increased UV exposure in the mountains should definitely be reflected in the selected SPF. The Winter stick SPF 30 is a real all-rounder. This not only protects against harmful UV radiation and the associated premature aging of the skin, but also against the cold thanks to its anhydrous formulation.


Always with you on the go

A mild cleansing for the hands:

If you have particularly sensitive hands, put a small bottle of LRO or one of our other pH skin-neutral L-Products to clean your hands as gently as possible. The soap that is offered in public toilets or in restaurants is often anything but gentle.

A rich hand cream:

When it's cold, the skin needs an extra dose of care, so make sure to apply cream. Particularly rich and therefore ideally suited for the winter is the wellness rich hand butter , which you can also get as a practical "mini" in a set of 3. However, if you take off your gloves more often during the day, it is better to use a hand cream with UV protection, such as the apricot hand cream . We also offer these in the practical mini version.

Winter stick SPF 30:

Even if you have already applied the stick in the morning, you should never leave the house without it in winter; Because not only the sun protection on the lips should be refreshed regularly, but also on the face. And it is also ideal for this: Simply drive over the sun terrace on your face (forehead, nose, ears and cheekbones) and spread, done.


Important for the evening routine

Refreshment for tired limbs:

You have been on your feet all day and you feel it too. A little massage with the camphor spray relaxes the muscles and stimulates the blood circulation, so that you can quickly plunge into the fray of the after-ski party. As an alternative, the gel for tired legs offers soothing refreshment.

Again mild cleaning:

Even in the evening, cleaning should be as gentle as possible, with cleaning oil and mild Facial toner you've come to the right place. Eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara will be taken care of by the sensitive.

Moisture boost:

Now is the time to really pamper your skin. The contains hyaluronic acid, apricot kernel oil and cocoa butter and is therefore the purest treat for stressed skin - and not just on the face. Your hands will also be grateful for the extra care. Equipped in this way, even a long day on the slopes is no longer terrifying for your skin.