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Cosmetics for facial care

Beautiful, well-cared for skin is the result of regular care with high-quality products tailored to the respective skin type.

In addition to thorough, gentle cleaning, optimal care also includes day care geared towards the condition of the skin.

Facial care cosmetics for well-cared for skin

Facial cleansing is the foundation of beauty

Facial care cosmetics for radiant beauty

Déesse offers top-class facial care cosmetics that give your skin radiant beauty. Recognize your skin type and treat yourself to the best possible care with our cosmetics for facial care.

Daily cleansing of the face and décolleté

Even today, many women who do not (yet) have any problems with impurities, do this every day: Wash (often just with water), apply lotion, done! Unfortunately, the skin only forgives these “caring sins” at a young age. The key to a longer, youthful appearance without wrinkles, however, is a regular grooming ritual! This does not have to be particularly complex. The motto is time-saving and effective.

Déesse provides you with an effective process that works.
The combination of cosmetic basics and a little discipline ensures a fine-pored and rosy complexion. The facial skin appears plump and full!

What skin type am I?

Déesse offers normal skin , oily Skin, combination skin and dry skin Products for skin cleansing and tailored to the respective skin type Skin care. These cosmetics were developed on a natural basis.

Figure out your skin type

Different skin types

The Déesse cosmetics are based on the principle of the different skin types sorted so that you can choose the care cosmetics that are right for you.

A thorough and optimally coordinated cleansing forms the basis. For optimal care, Déesse therefore offers the cleansing product and the facial tonic exactly matched to one another.

For the well-tolerated and gentle facial care cosmetics, such as gel, milk or foam, we recommend the complementary and suitable facial toner. The facial tonic supplements the cleansing, stabilizes the protective acid layer and refines the complexion.

Pay attention to the special offers of the cleaning duos, you will also save money here.

Déesse cleaning duo

100020 Duo cleaning set

  • 122730 cleansing milk or
  • 122740 cleaning gel


  • 122750 Mild facial toner or
  • 122760 balancing facial toner

100040 Duo cleaning set His [& Hers

  • 123080 Clarifying cleansing foam
  • 123090 Clarifying toner

100090 Duo cleaning set Aqua Treatment

  • 121900 cleaning gel
  • 121910 Moisturizing facial toner

What are the tasks of the skin?

  • The skin with its fatty tissue and sweat glands protects us from excessive heat and cold for a lifetime.
  • It forms a natural parasol against aggressive UV rays.
  • It absorbs bumps and pressure and defends itself against attackers from the environment, against bacteria and viruses.

Support your most versatile and largest organ to protect your precious skin from free radicals. If the DNA (cell structure) is attacked or destroyed, support substances such as collagen and elastane are at risk.

This reduces the elasticity of the skin, less moisture can be stored and the skin looks tired and slack.

Gentle cleansing of the skin

Your cosmetic consultant will find the right care for every skin type and every skin problem from the variety of high-quality Déesse cosmetics, from cleansing to skin care cream:

  • The first and most important step is thorough and gentle cleaning in order to improve and maintain the natural protective mechanism
  • Masks and peelings stimulate blood circulation and metabolism. Your skin will feel fresh, clean and smooth afterwards
  • Your Desse cosmetic advisor will select the right skin care cream with you, thus completing your personal skin care routine

Preserve beauty

Active ingredients of our face care products tailored to your needs prevent premature skin aging and can support cell renewal.

Treat yourself and your skin to intensive treatments. These highly concentrated beautifiers can give your skin a smooth, plump appearance. Serums are a luxury for skin, they pamper you with a visible energy kick and make wrinkles dryness disappear.

A serum for the skin is particularly recommended during the cold season!

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