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Support your health from within

Illnesses result from malnutrition

The main causes of preventable diseases and low life expectancy are unhealthy diet and a lack of exercise. The increasing prevalence of obesity across Europe is a serious health problem.

A healthy diet can be meaningfully supported and rounded off by Dietary supplements. One of the essential bases for this is detoxification, pollutants should be flushed out of the organism. The lack of minerals can be compensated by dietary supplements. The metabolism can be positively stimulated by food supplements.

Nutri Cosmetics - Beauty you can eat!

As the old saying goes: "True beauty comes from within!" Because of this, the supply of the right nutrients for the skin and the body is particularly important.


Go deeper

Skin care products or cosmetic products work in the upper layers of the skin. The "wrinkles" form in the layers below, which is why the "building material" protein (chlorella) and effective cell protection are particularly important.


Intensive research

Cosmetics research is increasingly concerned with the relationship between vital substances and well-nourished, intact skin. What is certain is that a nutrient-rich diet or effective dietary supplements clearly have positive effects on the skin in order to keep the skin and body "beautiful and firm" with increasing age. Food supplements supply our skin from within, strengthen and firm up the connective tissue.

Amino acids from within and anti-aging

It is not for nothing that amino acids are always referred to as the most important building blocks of life. An undersupply has a negative impact on the book and wrinkles, brittle nails, brittle hair or cellulite develop. When it comes to aging, amino acids are real vitamin bombs. Even modern scientists attribute aging processes to the increasing loss or insufficient intake of amino acids.

Daily ration of seaweed

The freshwater alga Chlorella pyrenoidosa with the CGF extract should be incorporated into the daily supply as a special form of green vegetables, including high-quality amino acids. Taking chlorella as a daily ritual = nutrient supply, regeneration, cleansing.


Take good care of yourself and enjoy yourself, because feeling good and having a good charisma makes you beautiful.

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