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Hand and foot care

Hand butter and foot butter

High quality ingredients

Get your hands and feet in top shape - with the combination of the rich hand and foot butter .

High-quality ingredients such as shea and cocoa butter as well as urea care for dry skin intensively and make the skin feel wonderfully pleasant. Both products can also be used overnight as a mask for particularly stressed hands or feet: Apply a thick layer of hand and / or foot butter in the evening after going to bed, put on cotton gloves or socks and look forward to baby softness when you wake up Hands and / or feet.

Prevention is the best concern, this also applies to hand care. Certain activities, such as gardening, working outdoors in the cold, or which frequently get your hands wet, can put stress on your hands. Here comes the Protective cream for the hands into play: It forms a protective film around the hands; the irritation of the skin is reduced from the start.

Extra tip : Mix a little apricot spray under the protective cream, so you get a drier skin feeling after applying the cream. But of course our apricot spray is also a versatile helper on its own. Whether as a quick care in between for dry skin areas or for hair tips in need of care, the practical bottle should not be missing in any handbag.

Hand care products

121070 Hand cream
100350 Mini hand cream, set of 3
121200 Protective cream for the hands

121650 Rich hand butter
120240 Apricot hand cream

Foot care products

121080 Foot Cream
100260 Mini Foot Cream Set of 3
127030 Tapis Fit
170800 Foot File
160110 Nail Oil
121230 Rich Foot Butter

First you take a LO shower and bath product of your choice, maybe today it may be Fruity [& amp;] bitter, with a fresh grapefruit scent or rather some LCP with the fresh scent of passion flower?

Or would you prefer a fresh sea breeze with LBO or would you prefer the scent of LEO, the exotic scent of Australian peach?

Regardless of which shower gel you choose for hand washing, it will do your hands a lot, because all Déesse shower and bath products are soap-free, skin-friendly, pH-neutral and moisturizing.

After washing your hands, dry your hands a little and take a nutshell full of apricot scrub or Wellness body peeling and peel your hands. Please do not rub, just apply light pressure to the cream. After rinsing with warm water, you will feel how soft your hands are. Now a nice moisturizing mask that you apply with a mask brush.

Now you slip into disposable gloves or wrap kitchen foil around your hands. Now let the mask take effect for about 10 minutes and massage the rest of the moisture mask into your hands after you have naturally removed the foil or glove beforehand.

Treat the cuticles to a little massage with a little apricot oil and enjoy the rest of the evening on your couch with well-cared for hands.