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Lip care

Smiles are the most beautiful make-up

Lips need the same thorough care as the face

The skin of our lips is many times thinner than the skin of the face or body and has no sub-fatty tissue and no sebum glands. Appropriate care is accordingly important, but it is often neglected. Rough, chapped and sometimes even chapped lips are the consequences that affect our radiant smile very much. A few simple steps are sufficient for smooth and soft lips:

3 care rituals

  • Peeling: Our lips also benefit from regular peelings, which remove dead skin and stimulate blood circulation. It is best to use our Exfoliate for sensitive skin and be careful not to rub with too much force. Make sure to apply care afterwards.
  • Day care: In addition to fat (lack of sebum glands), lips especially need UV protection during the day, as they do not form melanin and thus cannot build up any protection. At Deesse, you have the apricot stick and the Winter stick SPF 30 available.
  • Night care: Before going to bed, wear a thick layer of a care stick, e.g. B. the lip balm, and wake up in the morning with smooth, delicate lips.

Prepare the lips for the make-up

Often times, you seem to have to make a decision in the morning whether you want to condition your lips or put on make-up, as lipstick smears quickly when applied over the conditioner. But there is also a remedy here.

  • Care: Apply a thick layer of lip balm right after you wake up in the morning and let it sink in while you go through your morning routine and apply foundation, eye make-up, and more. Only then do you dab off any residues with a cosmetic tissue. Your lips are now well cared for, but not greasy.
  • Primer: The eye and lipfix base is now placed on the dabbed lips, which ensures that the lip color lasts better and longer.

Make-up your lips according to your type

Suitable for your lip shape (dark colors make it look smaller, light colors and gloss make the lips look bigger) and your complexion.

For an extra long hold, line your lips first with the lip contour fixing pencil and then with a suitable lip liner, the line of which you then blend inwards. It is best to apply the lipstick with a brush (you can use the integrated applicator for lip gloss or lip oil).

If you want, you can then dab the top layer of lipstick with a tissue and apply a second layer. That way nothing slips!

Dry lips

Those who suffer from dry lips are often stuck in a vicious circle: The lips are tense and are therefore - often unconsciously - moistened with the tongue. Although this relieves the feeling of tension in the short term, even more moisture is removed from them when they evaporate, which makes them even drier in the long term.

A lip balm such as the lip balm can help: the rich formulation with moisturizing shea butter and candelilla wax relieves the feeling of tension and prevents stressed lips from developing further Loss of moisture.

High-quality natural oils such as castor and meadowfoam seed oil make the delicate skin of the lips velvety soft again. The lip care is colorless and the light, pleasant scent of vanilla is so subtle that the pencil is also popular with men.

Lip care products

120260 apricot stick
126950 lip balm
120620 peeling for sensitive skin
122610 winter stick SPF 30