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Radiant eyes & delicate lips

The eyes and lips are stressed daily by various influences such as exposure to sunlight, drafts, dry heat or stress. Those who regularly care for their eyes and lips keep them young and make them resilient.

Eye care & lip care

Beautiful eyes and lips

Care for the sensitive eye area

The eye area is a real sensibility. Fatigue, screen stress, sun, wind and facial expressions leave their mark every day. You don't have to look at it though.

With the right care from Déesse cosmetics, wrinkles don't stand a chance, and you can be sure of seductive eyes .

Prevent premature wrinkling

The eye area differs very much from the other areas of the face, the skin there is very thin with 0.5 mm (comparison: the skin in the other areas of the face with 1.75 - 2.5 mm).

At the same time, there is hardly any under-fat tissue around the eyes and the number of sebum and sweat glands is greatly reduced. Since the amount of collagenous and elastic fibers is much lower there, the skin can sag very quickly.

The eye area needs moisture

Energy eye cream for the care of the eye area

The Energy Eye Cream cares for the eye area and provides valuable moisture. The eye contour is smoothed and firmed thanks to selected ingredients. The Déesse Energy eye cream reduces dark circles and puffiness, smooths and firms the eye contour and is free from fragrances and dyes.

The cells are regenerated, protected, strengthened and tightened by coenzyme Q10.

Article no .: 120730, 15 ml

Apple stem cell eye cream

The Déesse apple stem cell eye cream is a delicate, non-greasy, optimal care for the sensitive and demanding skin around the eyes. It prevents skin aging, lines and wrinkles. The eye cream is part of the Apple Stem Cells line.

Article no .: 121810, 15 ml

Eye zone cream with Q10

The eye zone cream with Q10 gives the eye area new freshness and elasticity. Moisturizing care that soothes and refreshes. With Q10 and vitamin C, it acts as a radical catcher. The eye cream contains a UV protection system and is easy to spread and is quickly absorbed. Then the make-up can be applied without any problems.

Article no .: 120680, 15 ml

Men Care eye zone cream

The Men Care Eye zone cream is an energizing, oil-free eye gel for refreshing wellbeing for tired eyes. It stimulates the microcirculation and thus has a sensational effect on bags under the eyes. The eye cream also softens dark circles, smoothes wrinkles and moisturizes.

Article no .: 124110, 15 ml

Caviar intensive eye cream

The intensive eye zone cream of the Caviar Intensive Line is a real energy kick for the skin around the eyes. It makes dryness wrinkles disappear in no time. The Caviar Eye Cream was specially developed for the care of very dry and demanding skin. The cream is easy to apply.

Article no .: 121750, 15 ml

Aqua Treatment eye zone cream

The eye zone  cream-gel of the Aqua Treatment care line is particularly suitable for dry, dehydrated skin. In addition to the tightening effect, the skin around the eyes is moisturized and strengthened. The active moisture complex consists of the green alga Chlorella, apple and white lupine.

Article no .: 121950, 15 ml


The efficient eye care can only develop on thoroughly cleansed skin; Dirt, grease and residues of eye make-up reduce the desired care results.

After the cleansing ritual and thorough make-up removal with the eye make-up remover sensitive or the 2-phase eye make-up remover Spread a pump stroke of eye care on the fingertips and apply around the eye area. Then pat it very gently into the skin.

Regine Grosch Déesse Consultant

Why do you need an eye cream?

Targeted eye care

Two different eye creams are necessary: ​​

One for the morning and one for the evening to ensure perfect care for the skin around the eye area . While the skin has to fend off all kinds of environmental influences during the day, it should regenerate itself at night.

Déesse offers a variety of special care products for targeted eye care :

  • fat-free eye gel
  • particularly rich creams.


It is regularity that makes lasting success. A moisturizing, firming eye care is beneficial. It is important to care for the sensitive area very carefully.

When applying the care product, lightly pat it in from the outside in - do not rub.

This works best with the ring finger.

With perfect eye care , wrinkles don't stand a chance and your eyes will look radiantly beautiful for a long time.

The skin around the eyes is particularly sensitive

The eye is a very multifaceted sense organ. In addition to its obvious task - to see - one can often read our state of mind from the eyes. The eyes show our sadness and shine when we are well - it is not for nothing that they say that the eyes are the window to the soul.

The eye area is constantly in motion: we blink about 15 times per minute and the eyes laugh with us when we meet happy.

Unfortunately, none of this goes without a trace to the fine and very sensitive skin around the eyes , because the sweet laugh lines </ strong > are imprinted on the skin over the years.

These are usually the first signs of aging that we discover in the mirror.

In addition to wrinkles, you usually want to remove unwanted rings and swellings from under the eyes.


The eye cream with Q10 from the Line 2000 gives the skin around the eyes intense moisture and is also ideal for very young skin. The cell-activating coenzyme Q10 also stimulates and invigorates the cell metabolism and is thus able to reduce existing eye wrinkles.


The Apple Stem Cells eye cream is special suitable for skin over 25 if you want to delay the signs of aging as long as possible. Innovative apple stem cells combined with Hyaluronic acid , phytosterols and vitamin E, support the skin metabolism and thus the biological functions of the skin.


With the Eye cream gel from the Aqua Treatment line the focus is on the intensive moisturizing of the delicate skin around the eyes. In addition, the skin is strengthened and tightened slightly. The cooling gel refreshes the eye area, has a decongestant effect and the stimulated microcirculation reduces dark circles.


With increasing age, the skin needs more support in regeneration because of the breakdown of collagen, elastin and Hyaluronic acid progresses faster.

Coenzyme Q10, vegetable bioflavonoids and vitamin E in the energy cream for the care of the eye area preserve the moisture in the skin. The delicate eye area is strengthened and tightened, dark circles and swellings are reduced.


An exclusive complex of active ingredients obtained from pure caviar turns the rich intensive eye cream of the Caviar Line a true pampering care for the demanding skin around the eyes. The caviar extract activates cell renewal as well as collagen synthesis and stimulates the blood flow.
Hyaluronic acid supplies very dry skin extensively Moisture, which in turn increases the elasticity.


Even if wrinkles or wrinkles are often perceived as sexy in men, "men" still want to take care of themselves and delay the visible aging of the skin around the eyes. The prickly pear extract in the Men Care Line moisturizes and protects the skin, Squalane has a smoothing effect and increases the suppleness of the skin.



Lip care

Protect and regenerate lips

So that the feeling of dry, sensitive and stressed lips is a thing of the past.

The sensitive lip areas are stressed daily by various influences such as sunlight, drafts, dry heat or stress.

Special care for the lips is required

Those who regularly care for their lip area keep them young and make them resilient.

The lips hardly supply themselves with fat and moisture. They therefore need special care every day so that they feel good.

  • 122320 Moringa Lip Care
  • 126900 Eye and Lipfix base, 7 ml
  • 120260 Abricot stick, 7 ml

Care for and protect lips

Moringa lip care

A special formulation of high-quality ingredients and active ingredients, that distinguishes the Moringa lip care . Have you ever heard of the "miracle tree" Moringa? This superfood from the Ayurvedic miracle tree provides intensive care for stressed lips. Not only the constant wearing of masks (Covid-19) but also wind and weather, UV radiation from the sun and constant movement when speaking, eating and drinking stress our mouth and thus our lips.

In addition to the Moringa toothpaste also contains Moringa lip care the light yellow moringa oil obtained from the seeds, which can hardly be surpassed in terms of nutrient density and vital substances. Also the contained shea butter - also known as shea butter - is a solid oil that provides rich care for stressed lips and has a strong moisturizing effect, so that no annoying oil film appears the lips. Alpine rose extract - known at Déesse through the Alpine Concept care line - as well as grape seed oil - known at Déesse through the Apricot line - rounds off this great lip care .

Velvety, protected lips are the result of Moringa lip care, which is also ideal for sensitive lips.

Article no .: 122320

Eye- und Lipfix Base

The innovative and fragrance-free Eye- and Lipfix , suitable for all skin types, is the ideal basis for eye and lip makeup. The color intensity, luminosity and durability of the eyeshadow and lipstick are significantly increased.

Article no .: 126900

Apricot stick

The Déesse apricot stick with sun protection factor 15 protects and cares for sensitive lips. The lips become silky soft again and help the lips to rebuild their own protection. The apricot stick is considered to be the ideal SOS product with valuable apricot oil .

The valuable substances of the apricot care for your skin and support the natural protective powers. The pencil can be used all year round because the lips always need a little care. The pen is part of the Apricot Line .

Article no .: 120260

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