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Fact check men's skin

Men want to be well-groomed

Differences in skin between men and women

In women's and men's skin, the dermis and the connective tissue are structured differently. The connective tissue in men's skin is firmer, but needs just as much cleaning and care as women's skin. You also want to be well-groomed!

The skin problems of women and men are not very different, both can have blemished skin, large pores and skin aging does not stop at either. With age, the collagen fibers become limp and inelastic and require cleaning and care.

Regardless of whether you are a woman or a man, the choice of products is important when it comes to skin cleansing and skin care. A distinction is made here with regard to the complexion of the skin, whether it is normal, dry, impure combination skin or oily skin.

Structure of men's skin

The skin of men is approx. 20% thicker and therefore usually less sensitive than the skin of women. However, the skin in the beard region is stressed by daily shaving and is often very sensitive here. Men usually get wrinkles later, because the structure of the skin is different, it contains more collagen and the connective tissue is more firmly networked.

Due to higher sebum production, men tend not to have dry skin, but rather normal to oily skin. The most important components in the care of men's skin are calming, protection and refreshment. Men's skin also likes products that are quickly absorbed, do not leave a greasy film on the skin and are unscented.

Aging of the skin

As we get older, our skin changes and so does our appearance. Wrinkles form and the skin loses its elasticity. Of course, external influences such as UV rays, alcohol and nicotine consumption and air pollution can also promote the aging process of the skin. Since the middle layer of the skin is responsible for the elasticity, elasticity and stability of the skin, it is particularly affected by the aging process , because it consists largely of elastin and collagen fibers, which regulate the skin's water balance and volume retained.

If the skin cells get older, they lose elasticity, stability and elasticity and can store less and less water (i.e. moisture). Hyaluronic acid is the main component of skin cells and is able to store large amounts of water. This gives the skin a younger, firmer look and appears plumped up.

Interesting facts about grooming men

  • Since a man shaves up to 16,000 times in his life, the skin in the beard area is irritated and sensitive more quickly
  • The first signs of aging appear on the man's face mostly around the eyes, they look tired and the first wrinkles appear
  • The skin of men ages later than that of women, but all the faster
  • Men mostly prefer light facial care creams that are quickly absorbed and do not grease
  • Men’s skin also needs Skin type tailored cleaning products, because "wrong" products can lead to impurities and excessive sebum production
  • Incidentally, this also applies to women's skin

Things to know about shaving

Daily beard shaving is part of the daily routine for most men. In addition to good clothing, the perfect shave is also part of a man's well-groomed appearance. Often the job also requires a smooth face, which is what most men value. But which shave is better? The wet shave or the dry shave? Both types of shave stress the skin and can cause irritation. Almost half of men struggle with the skin problems caused by shaving on a daily basis.

The dry shave is quick and comfortable and is therefore preferred by most men. Sensitive male skin should prefer dry shaving with the razor, as it is hardly possible to injure yourself. The disadvantage of dry shaving with the razor, however, is that the shave only superficially separates the whiskers from the skin and thus this shave does not last as long and you will soon see small stubble again. Dry shaving creates shaving dust, a mixture of fats, flakes of skin and whiskers that must be removed to prevent inflammation from clogging the pores of the skin. The selection of the right, skin type-specific cleaning products is very important here.

With the wet shave , the result of the shave can be much more thorough, the blades of the wet razor adapt to the individual face shape and cut the beard hair directly on the surface of the skin. The use of a shaving foam or a shaving cream or gel especially for wet shaving is very important, because these products ensure that the skin is not overused and the blade, which can be very sharp under certain circumstances, glides more easily on the skin.


Skin care cosmetics for men should be tailored to their skin type. After cleaning should be cleaned with a tonic, then an eye cream is placed under the eyes, to prevent wrinkles and finally the skin is covered with a light cream that does not grease and is quickly absorbed. Also by means of a weekly peeling or a Mask the men's skin is happy.

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