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For a beautiful bust

The Déesse Décolleté Cream is the ideal décolleté care.

The cream firms, nourishes and shapes the neck, décolleté and bust.

The important anti-aging complex made of lecithin, lemon balm extract and carnosine counteracts premature aging and can increase the elasticity of the skin. This effective décolleté cream is particularly suitable for wrinkle-prone facial contours and neck areas.

Proper décolleté care

Little guide

Fact check on skin on the décolleté

The skin between the base of the breast and the chin is considered a woman's "natural bra" and deserves special attention. Applying the face cream to the décolleté and neck more often and using a peeling every now and then is the least you can do for your décolleté. Special products are even more effective, however, because the décolleté receives harmful UV rays every day in the sun and is thinner than the rest of the skin and therefore more sensitive and tends to be dry.

Cleanse the cleavage

First, you clean your cleavage with your cleansing milk and your tonic or facial toner that you have in the bathroom for your facial skin anyway.

After cleansing, you can take your wellness body peeling or your peeling for sensitive ones and massage your cleavage gently and calmly with it. But please don't rub too hard, because the skin between the chin and chest is much thinner and therefore more sensitive.

After peeling, remove the peeling with a warm and damp washcloth and cleanse with the facial toner.

Now you take the décolleté care mask and distribute it on your décolleté. If you can use a mask brush, do so.

Highly effective ingredients

Thanks to the highly effective ingredients, the Déesse décolleté care stimulates blood circulation, optimally moisturizes the skin and regenerates the cells. Wrinkles are counteracted by an extract from algae and the tissue is tightened.

Since you have no problem with the thyroid gland, you can carefully remove the mask with a warm and damp guest towel (compress). You can repeat this process 2-3 times.


At the end you distribute the Phyto Serum that Déesse has for your face as an Anti Aging Serum use on your cleavage. This serum minimizes wrinkles, strengthens the connective tissue and effectively maintains skin density, elasticity and resilience.

The purely plant-based phytohormones and a special anti-wrinkle complex ensure that the skin is reconstructed, lastingly smoothed and firmed.

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