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Radiant smile

Careful dental and oral care is an important part of body hygiene.

This is particularly important for keeping teeth and gums healthy.

Toothpaste and oral care

Toothpastes and care spray

Fresh breath, healthy gums

A regular and thorough removal of bacterial plaque is an important contribution to the prevention of tooth decay and gum problems.

It also stimulates blood flow to the gums.

Regular use of Déesse toothpaste and oral care products leads to clean and strong teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath.

Did you know that we all have different white teeth? This is mainly due to the texture of the teeth. If the enamel, i.e. the top layer of our teeth, is more dense, they appear whiter. If, on the other hand, it is thinner or has been worn away by frequent, excessive brushing of the teeth, they appear yellower due to the translucent dentin.

Pearl toothpaste

The Deesse Pearl Toothpaste has a pearl powder made from freshwater pearls, combined with an extract from river pearl mussels. These two components of pearl toothpaste serve as a light abrasive and conjure up a radiant smile. The natural white of the teeth is supported and new deposits are prevented. Helps fight plaque, prevents tartar and vitalizes the gums.

New deposits on the tooth enamel are counteracted, tooth decay and tooth discoloration are prevented and the tooth body is strengthened.

Article no .: 127020, 100 ml

90 RDA (Relative Dentin Abrasion Value)
1056 ppm (parts per million, fluorine content)

Pearl powder and pearl extract, sodium monofluorophosphate, menthol

The pearl toothpaste helps to remove deposits and prevent them from re-forming, whereby the teeth can be visibly brightened. In addition to pearl extract, which vitalizes the gums, it also contains pearl powder; Menthol also ensures fresh breath. The pearl toothpaste for adults can be used daily, cleanses thoroughly and prevents tooth decay and tartar.

Moringa toothpaste

In our new, fluoride-free toothpaste comes Moringa in fermented form for use. As a result, this valuable ingredient also has a probiotic effect on the oral mucosa and thus offers ideal support for healthy gums.

The toothpaste also contains xylitol, also called birch sugar, which not only fights bacteria that cause caries, but also prevents plaque formation.

The Moringa toothpaste is a green, fluoride-free toothpaste and contains Moringa in fermented form. This valuable ingredient has a probiotic effect on the oral mucosa and is therefore an ideal support for healthy gums.

Thanks to peppermint oil and menthol, the toothpaste leaves you with a clean mouthfeel and fresh breath.

Article no .: 127290, 100 ml

Children's toothpaste

The children's toothpaste even in bright pink tastes like cranberry - and sugar-free, because the sweetness comes from the stevia contained!

This is obtained from the so-called sweet or honey herb and ensures a pleasant taste; without the negative side effects of sugar. We have also used xylitol instead of fluoride for tooth decay prophylaxis in children's toothpaste. The very special highlight: under black light, the toothpaste gives the teeth a mysterious shimmer that should convince even the most critical child!

Article no .: 127390, 50 ml

Herbal Toothpaste

The Déesse herbal toothpaste gently cleanses, cares for the gums and prevents tooth decay.

This toothpaste soothes the irritated oral mucosa and inhibits bad breath.

44 RDA (Relative Dentin Abrasion Value)
3.6 REA (Relative Enamel Abrasion)
800 ppm (parts per million, fluorine content)

Article no .: 127070, 150 ml, 100320 Mini 3x 50 gr.

amine fluoride, magnesium aluminum silicate, herbal complex

Application: For daily dental care.

The herbal toothpaste gently cleans the teeth, cares for the gums and prevents tooth decay. The taste of various herbs ensures fresh breath and a clean mouthfeel. The toothpaste is available both in the family-friendly bulk pack and as a practical travel size.

Oral and dental care spray

The oral and dental care spray is the ideal dental care for on the go and is always recommended when a toothbrush is not at hand. The spray gives fresh breath.

The refreshing oral and dental care spray works against bad breath, hardens the tooth enamel and prevents tooth decay.

Article no .: 127160, 15 ml,

amine fluoride, plant extract, peppermint oil

Use : Use if necessary and distribute in the mouth with your tongue.

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