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Beauty Pink Drink

After superfood was on everyone's lips, now comes the super drink for beauty from within. This food can have a positive effect on the complexion, because true beauty comes from within.

Careful mix of vitamins

The perfect nutrient composition not only convinces with a carefully composed vitamin mix, but also tastes wonderfully like wild berries. The Beauty Pink Drink is a morning beauty routine for drinking for women and men from the age of 20 (even earlier for women with weak connective tissue).

The Déesse beauty drink contains:

  • Hyaluronic acid : binds enormous amounts of water to provide moisture for the skin and as a lubricant for the joints
  • Collagen hydrolyzate : Our skin consists of a kind of network with strands of collagen fibers. The looser this collagen network (the older we are, the looser this network is), the less elasticity the skin has, and thus cellulite can develop. Collagen is not only important and necessary for the skin, this protein also plays an important role in our teeth, blood vessels, tendons and bones.
  • L-carnitine : In order for the cells to function normally, these amino acid compounds need to transport energy (power).
  • Mix of beauty vitamins : B2, B3 and C

Hyaluronic acid

Our body normally produces this moisture miracle itself, as an important role in the supply of moisture, but also serves as a lubricant in our joints. Hyaluronic acid benefits from its ability to bind enormous amounts of water.

Collagen hydrolyzate

We encounter the term collagen in connection with anti-aging care as well as cellulite - but where do they have in common? Quite simply, because ours The skin is supported by a kind of network, the individual strands of which consist of collagen fibers. The looser the collagen network, the more the skin can lose its elasticity. Even with collagen, the use is not limited to the skin alone; the protein also plays an important role in the bones, tendons, cartilage, blood vessels and even in our teeth.


Unsere Haut besteht aus Zellen, und Zellen brauchen Energie. Diese wird in den Kraftwerken der Zellen, den sogenannten Mitochondrien, gewonnen. Hier kommt L-Carnitin ins Spiel, denn die Aminosäure-Verbindung sorgt für den Transport der benötigten Fettzellen in die genannten Kraftwerke, sodass die Zelle normal funktionieren kann.

Vitamins B2, B3 & C

Last but not least, a carefully composed mix of vitamins B2, B3 and C.


Dissolve a sachet of granules of the Beauty Pink Drink in a glass of water or juice and immediately enjoy the fruity taste and the day can start with Pinkpower.

Article-No. 126320, Beauty Pink Drink 30 Sachets à 5 gr.

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