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Soothing foot care

Always file the foot while it is dry! If the foot is first bathed, the callus swells up - you just push it back and forth while filing. In doing so, you work your way into unevenness in the skin, removing very little and difficulty from the cornea.

Foot care

Care and wellness for the feet

Calluses on the feet

If the cornea is swollen, there is a risk of removing too much, as the individual horny layers can no longer be seen. However, callus has a protective function for the skin, so it should not be removed completely.

If there is too much callus, painful cracks (deep cracks) can occur and a foot care cream could no longer penetrate the skin.

Why is foot care important?

There is a protective layer on the feet, the cornea. This was much more pronounced at the time of the Neanderthal, as there was no real footwear yet.

Today we rarely walk barefoot and therefore hardening of the calluses must be controlled through care, otherwise there is a risk of painful calluses and corns.

Our feet carry us for a lifetime. Pamper your feet with the foot care from Déesse. With a deodorant, moisturizing foot cream and an alkaline foot bath from Déesse you will experience a new sense of wellbeing.

Imagine you have an hour to yourself and disappear into your bathroom. Follow the individual steps shown ...

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First you take the Déesse foot file in your hand and carefully begin to file your feet while they are dry (therefore carefully), first with the rough side. The heel is very important here, but calluses may also be removed from the rest of the foot. When you are done with the rough side, turn the foot file over and carefully file the entire sole of the foot again with the finer side.

Your feet are now well prepared for a nice bath. You add warm water to the foot tub and two tablespoons of the alkaline bath with fango and slowly step into the water with your filed feet. The alkaline bath ensures an acid-base balance, supports and stimulates the excretory function of the skin and is simply good for the feet. Now move your toes slightly up and down and enjoy the bath for about 10 minutes.

Before you dry your feet off, peel them off with the wellness body peeling so that the remains of the callus can also be removed.

You can also use the peeling on your legs, because you will see that your body lotion is better absorbed into the skin after the peeling and makes it soft and supple.

Now dry your feet with a fluffy towel that has been washed with LAO (LAO can be put in the washing machine as a fabric softener, a cap is enough and the laundry smells like apricot).

Pamper your feet with a massage that you can do with the Wellness Foot Butter.

Your legs are then creamed with the gel for tired legs and they feel like a bath in the cold mountain water after a long hike.

Now slip into warm socks and cozy sweatpants and enjoy your evening with freshly cared for feet.

Tender, well-groomed feet

With the Déesse foot file you can gently remove hard skin and make it soft and soft again.
Foot file: Surface made of fiberglass, for a long life. For the gentle removal of calluses.

Use care products correctly

Foot care - beneficial and refreshing

Foot cream

For well-groomed and soft feet, deodorising, nourishing and moisturizing. The soothing Déesse foot cream refreshes and cares for your feet.

Suitable for all skin types.

Article no .: 121080, 100 ml | 100260 3 x 30 ml set of 3 mini

Urea, Sorbitol, Algea

Application: Massage in well in the morning and / or in the evening.

Gel for tired legs

Light, soothing gel for tired legs that is quickly absorbed and immediately unfolds its stimulating and refreshing effect. The moisturizing gel makes the skin supple and soft and immediately gives a pleasant feeling of lightness. Fat-free gel, does not stick and has no unpleasant medicinal smell.

Suitable for all skin types.

Article no .: 121360, 50 ml

rosemary oil, horse chestnut, menthol

Use: Use in the morning, in the evening and, if necessary, during the day as well. It is best to massage in the gel after a cooling shower with gentle circular movements, ascending from the feet to around the middle of the thighs.

Foot butter

Pure wellness: rich foot butter - deodorizing and nourishing foot butter with a high proportion of urea, shea butter, almond oil.

Suitable for dry and rough feet.

Article no .: 128010, 150 ml, | 100410 3 x 20 ml as a 3-piece mini set

urea, shea butter, almond oil

Application: Massage in well in the morning and / or in the evening.

Foot file

Many people struggle with calluses or rough feet. With the Déesse foot file, hard skin can be gently removed with the coarser side. Post-smoothing is achieved with the finer side. Then moisturize and care for the skin with a foot cream or butter. Application: Can be used on dry or wet feet. Then rinse the file under running water. In the case of diabetes, ask the Arut or podiatrist first.

Article-no.: 170800

Well-groomed feet

With our foot care cosmetics from Déesse we would like to motivate you to pay a little more attention to your feet.

As a result, your feet are well cared for and looked after.

And of course feet that are well cared for look nicer and feel better.

Tapis Fit

For the foot reflex zone massage

It is known as a real treat for the whole body: the foot reflex zone massage . Our feet are the reflection of our internal body. To this day, however, it is unclear why the foot reflex zone massage is beneficial for health.

Pedicure should only be performed yourself on healthy feet. If a disease is present or if diabetes has been diagnosed, the feet should be treated by trained specialists, such as a dermatologist, diabetologist or a Podologist

The Tapis Fit was created on the basis of the findings of reflex zone therapy and derived from the acupuncture and massage methods of the Chinese.

Tapis Fit - adapted to the shape of the feet - strengthens the soles of the feet through massage and stimulates the blood circulation in the feet. The massage acts on the reflective zones in the connective tissue of the soles of the feet to stimulate organs. There are stimulating zones on the soles of the feet, the so-called reflex zones. By massaging the soles of the feet (walking barefoot!), Stimulation impulses are triggered from the reflex zones via the brain, passed on to the various organs and stimulated to activity.

Tapis Fit is particularly recommended for people:

  • who sit for many hours every day
  • who drive a lot
  • who have a job in which they stand or walk a lot (especially stairs)
  • who work in a shop, factory or hospital

Tapis Fit for daily 2-5 minutes health pedaling

Place the Tapis Fit on the floor (also in the bathtub or shower) and place both feet on it, with the high relief under the arch of the foot and the smaller one under the toes. Step on the Tapis Fit for approx. 2-5 minutes, preferably in the morning and in the evening. Even after the first application you will feel a pleasant, warm, relaxed feeling in your legs and feet.

Interesting facts about feet

Well-groomed feet are not only a MUST in summer. Our feet carry us through life. They create a connection to earth for us. But unfortunately they don't always get the attention and care they deserve.

26 bones, 22 joints, 19 muscles, over 100 ligaments and a dense network of nerves - our feet are two highly complex structures. Day after day they do hard work when they get us from A to B. About 450 kilograms of pressure weigh on them when we put one foot in front of the other. With around 270 million steps, our feet carry us around the earth four times in life, 160,000 kilometers.

Nevertheless : We rarely pay special attention to them unless they hurt us or are too cold - or we go out to buy shoes. Even then, we'd rather ask ourselves whether the new shoes go with our favorite trousers than worry about whether our feet are comfortable in them.

Exercise for the feet

This little special gymnastics stretches and strengthens your feet.

Stretches your toes:
Sit on the floor with your knees slightly bent. Grasp the toes with your hands and place a finger between each toe. Pull your feet up with your hands and straighten them again.

Relaxes the shin area:

Kneel on the floor, put your feet up, put your toes flat on the floor. Lower your buttocks until you are on your heels. Hold this position for two minutes.

Relaxes the arch of the foot:
Kneel down and place the instep of your right foot on the sole of your left. Lower your bottom and sit on your feet. Change feet after one minute.

Loosens the lower leg:
Place a thick book on the floor flush with the wall. Put your right foot on it. Put the left foot
backwards slightly, set it up firmly. Support on the wall, slowly press your left heel to the ground, then lift up again. Three times, then switch feet.

Proper footwear prevents calluses

Shoes that are too tight are usually the cause of dry spots on the feet. This results in cornification , because here we find a protective mechanism for the skin. This protects it from possible injuries in the event of strong friction.

Shoes should therefore above all be comfortable and offer enough space in the front area so that the toes have free space when rolling. The fit in the heel area is of decisive importance when choosing the right shoe. Because calluses tend to form in the heel area.

Although the callus protects the feet, it becomes too much, the foot file helps.

Heels mostly cause pressure points

Callus often also forms on the front area of ​​the sole of the foot. Women are familiar with this problem, as the high heels are the cause. Inlaid pads can at least provide relief here, as they can compensate for the stress on the soles of the feet.

Overloading is also caused by obesity, reducing this not only helps your own health but also relieves the strain on your feet. Often it makes sense to see an orthopedic surgeon to have the position of the feet and posture checked. Here it often turns out that specially made insoles achieve the necessary relief at certain points.

Often barefoot - good for your feet

Our feet sweat in the shoes, and the skin swells up at times. Especially when synthetics are involved. That is why you should give your feet the opportunity to "breathe deeply" and, especially in summer, sometimes run barefoot, at least within your own four walls. The joints are trained and the foot reflex zones are stimulated. with our Massage oil a foot massage would be beneficial.

A foot bath is also suitable foot care. Warm water promotes blood circulation, your feet can relax.

Pampering tip:

Treat your feet to a time out: with the rich foot butter from the wellness line.
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