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LO Fresh & Spicy

Shower bath with a summery touch

Freshness when showering

LO Fruit & Bitter is refreshing and convinces with the fruity-bitter composition of a grapefruit.

This shower bath is suitable for the whole family, is pH-neutral, particularly gentle and skin-friendly.

Environmentally friendly

Contemporary, pH skin-neutral Déesse shower bath. Thanks to environmentally friendly surfactants made from renewable raw materials, the concentrate gently but thoroughly cleanses the skin. The moisture-retaining formulation awakens the senses with its summery neroli note and the fresh, tart smell of bergamot after the shower.

Complementary fragrances

  • Neroli is obtained from the blossom of the bitter orange Citrus aurantium. In the fragrance profile, neroli is delicate-flowery, fresh, sweet, radiant and lovely. It is used for the heart note in perfume production.
  • Bergamot originally only referred to one type of pear (Turkish: bey armudu). Today it refers to a group from the genus of citrus plants (citrus), which could have emerged as a hybrid of sweet lime and citron and bitter orange.

LO Fresh & Spicy shower bath

is suitable for all skin types.

Care ingredients

  • Nature-based sugar = environmentally friendly surfactant combination from renewable   raw materials
    and coconut surfactants
  • Extracts from ginger root = support the mildness and skin tolerance of the product
    and orange blossom


Article-Nr.: 127540, 1.000 ml

Article-Nr.: 127550: 6 x 1 Liter Box

Application: For bathing and showering.

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