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Artichoke Plus

Boost your digestion!

Metabolism good - all good!

Bitterstoffe der Artischocke (Cynarin) regen die Verdauung an. Fenchelextrakt wirkt beruhigend und Vitamin B1 und B6 unterstützen Ihren Stoffwechsel.

Using the artichoke leaves

The artichoke is botanically called Cynara Scolymus. For the preparation of medicines in the form of capsules and juice, in addition to the bracts of the flowers, the roots and leaves of the plant, which can be up to two meters high, are used.

Get your metabolism in shape!

The artichoke is especially popular after a tasty meal, as a digestive.

Bitter substances increase gastric and bile secretion and thus stimulate the appetite (before eating) and promote digestion (after eating).

The artichokes plus capsules also contain fennel and gentian extract as well as vitamins B1 and B6. Vitamin B1 is necessary to maintain the carbohydrate metabolism (sugar, starch) and to provide and release energy.

Vitamin B6 is necessary for the metabolism of proteins and their components (peptides and amino acids).

Already 2500 years ago the artichoke was known to the Egyptians as a nutritious and very digestible vegetable. The Romans and Greeks also appreciated the health benefits of the artichoke in addition to the taste.

The artichoke is particularly popular for digestive support after a tasty meal . Because the bitter substances contained in the artichoke increase gastric and bile secretion and thus have a digestive effect.

Article no .: 126170 Artichokes plus, 60 capsules (13.8 gr.)

Artichoke extract and artichoke leaves, fennel extract, gentian extract, vitamin B1,

Consumption recommendation: swallow 2 capsules per day after a main meal with a little water. If necessary, for example after heavy meals, up to 6 capsules can be taken per day.

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