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For a fresh, masculine fragrance with a sporty, elegant look

The well-groomed man is an attractive man. Men appreciate effective care cosmetics that are not greasy, are quickly absorbed and are easy to use.

Cosmetics for men

Care series for the highest demands

Does men's skin need special care?

Marks men's skin

  • Men have a thicker skin structure
  • The skin has an increased sebum production - as a result, young men are more prone to blemishes
  • It is a firmer skin (connective tissue)
  • They are mostly insensitive, with the exception of the beard region

You can also read the fact check man's skin .

Is the skin blemished and oily?

Uncomplicated and effective: the Men Care Face Cream and the Alaska Active Care Face Lotion are specially designed for the needs matched to men's skin. Soothing active ingredients give you power for the whole day!
If you like something a little more substantial, you will surely find what you are looking for with one of the tried and tested creams in the 100ml Re fi il pots.

With the clarifying and refreshing His & Hers series gets the "strong sex" under control! All the ingredients contained in this light but effective line ensure a clear and well-groomed complexion.

For every "Lord of the Rings" the magic word is: eye zone cream!

The Men Care cream for the care of the eye area cools and cares for the sensitive area around the eye and ensures a fresh, alert look .

Men Care line

The Men Care eye cream and the After Shave Balm with the soothing, caring ingredients and the subtle -elegant fragrance is the perfectly coordinated men's cosmetics for daily care and a well-groomed man.

The Men Care care products provide the skin with energy and moisture. The Déesse men's cosmetics with a sporty and elegant touch.

Men Care men's care line

ALASKA men's line

ALASKA- the sporty men's care line for the highest demands. Nourishing ingredients and a fresh, masculine fragrance give this line a special touch.

The ALASKA men's line meets the highest demands.

ALASKA men's care line

Ulysse pour hommes fragrance

Ulysse means "Odysseus" in English, who got to know a lot of exotic things while sailing across the sea and who gave this men's perfume his name. The heart note consists of selected woods, cedars from the Atlas Mountains and patchouli oil from Indonesia. The top note consists of scented grasses from the Caribbean and Asia, grapefruit from Florida and fragrant Sicilian lemon. This long-lasting eau de toilette meets sensual notes of musk, amber and leather for a masculine scent.

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Also important for men: The facial skin of men also needs a nourishing cleaning , needs moisture.

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