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Personal hygiene during the cold season

with body lotion and body cream

Choose the right body lotion

In winter it is time to adjust the care accordingly. Since the skin's sebum production decreases as the temperature drops, it now usually requires care with a higher lipid content. However, that does not mean that everyone, regardless of their skin type, has to resort to the richest texture.

Instead, we recommend simply switching to a cream of the next higher "level" at first. For a better overview, we have put together a list of all our body lotions and creams, starting with the lightest or the one with the lowest lipid content.


sehr geringer Lipidgehalt | Art.125210

Fragrance and care in one - no problem at all with the Déesse daydream body lotion . The light, quite fluid texture is wonderfully easy to distribute and cares for with moisturizing hyaluronic acid , moisturizing Shea butter as well as skin-soothing panthenol, without weighing it down.
It is absorbed immediately and leaves a refreshed, silky-smooth skin feeling and a bewitching scent: add to the top note and citrus notes in our minds in more southern climes, followed by delicate floral aspects.


Excerpts from exotic fruits are combined in this Déesse Wellness Body Cream with a subtle scent of green tea and thus offer a wonderful wellness experience. Papaya and pineapple contain enzymes like papain and bromelain. Together with figs, which are rich in amino acids and minerals, it creates a complex with a skin-building effect.

Allantoin stimulates skin renewal and thus ensures noticeably smooth skin. Valuable ingredients such as ceramides and Q10 can also be better absorbed by the skin. Moisturizers such as algae extract, aloe vera and panthenol complete the care effect.

geringer Lipidgehalt | Art.121240

This body cream is suitable for all those who are looking for mild, uncomplicated body care . The well-tolerated formulation with soothing bisabolol and nourishing panthenol has also proven itself on sensitive skin. In addition to these proven active ingredients, the cream contains vitamins A, C and E.
The silky consistency makes it easy to spread, is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin feeling smooth and well cared for. Together with the unobtrusive, fruity scent, the body cream makes daily skin care a sheer pleasure.

geringer Lipidgehalt | Art.123520

BODY EXPERT Firming body cream for orange peel. A firming formula made from Bulbine Frutescens and baobab seed oil can help, with regular use, to improve skin density and elasticity and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
The panthenol contained in it has a soothing and nourishing effect on the skin. The body cream donates a lot of moisture and leaves the skin feeling well cared for and smooth. The subtle, fresh scent invigorates the senses and looks like a little touch of spring even in winter.


mittlerer Lipidgehalt | Art.121250

Apricot body emulsion - let yourself be ripe, sweeter by the delicious scent Cover apricots - every time you apply cream.

The silky lotion with valuable apricot kernel - and wheat germ oil is easy to distribute, absorbs quickly and moisturizes. Feelings of tension are relieved and your skin feels wonderfully soft and supple.



mittlerer Lipidgehalt | Art.121630

The body lotion with almond oil from the Almond Care Line is convincing with almond oil pressed from the kernel with vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids. This lotion is just right for everyone who cares for their skin so that it is soft to the touch and at the same time wants to be enveloped in the feel-good scent of sweet almond. So creaming becomes a pleasure! For a special fragrance experience, combine the body lotion with almond oil with our shower bath LOA .


höherer Lipidgehalt | Art.123900

C2S Body Lotion adapts to current skin needs. The silky, quickly absorbed texture can be easily customized with a few drops of one of our concentrates, depending on the condition of the skin! With a few drops of Matte Touch you care for blemished skin on the décolleté and back and in combination with Zen Feeling you get the ideal care for stressed skin.


hoher Lipidgehalt | Art.120960

My Secret Body Butter - pampers skin and senses at the same time with the smooth texture and the seductively feminine scent! In addition to releasing shea and cocoa butter , the rich formulation also contains valuable evening primrose oil.
Urea is an ideal ally in Fight against dry skin: it is a natural moisturizing factor and as such helps to store moisture in the top layer of the skin and thus to regulate the moisture balance of the skin. The comparatively firm consistency melts gently on the skin.

hoher Lipidgehalt | Art.121600

Nourishing Apricot Body Butter - This body butter promises a seductive scent and silky smooth skin. As with the other products in the Apricot Line , the aroma of the velvety summer fruit dominates here too.
In addition to moisturizing cocoa, shea and mango butter, apricot kernel oil is of course responsible for the high lipid content. The initially firm texture melts immediately on contact with the skin, making it easy to spread. Look forward to a wonderfully smooth and well-groomed skin feeling.


hoher Lipidgehalt | Art.121640

Nourishing body butter almond oil - is a must for all lovers of our Almond Care Series . Their delicate aroma of sweet almond melts here with a pinch of exotic coconut and creates an incomparable feel-good fragrance.
The almond oil impresses with its alpha-tocopherol content and its particularly good absorption behavior. Thanks to the combination with moisturizing cocoa and shea butter as well as moisture-retaining squalane, the rich body butter leaves a wonderful impression Well-groomed, supple and smooth skin feeling.


Body and massage oil - shows the seductive scent of jasmine, white gardenia and violet blossoms pampers the senses, while the oil itself has a nourishing effect. After the massage, you can not only look forward to relaxed muscles, but also to feeling silky smooth on your skin.

Tip: If you suffer from particularly dry skin, you can also use the massage oil as a daily body care product. Ideally, apply it to skin that is damp from showering, as it is absorbed faster this way.