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Déesse cosmetics in mini format

The Déesse Minis

Cosmetics in a practical set of 3 mini

Cosmetics for the handbag

Déesse Cosmetics offers a selection of cosmetic products in a practical mini format. Cosmetics to go. So you can always have selected Déesse cosmetics with you. Also ideal as a gift idea, as a souvenir instead of flowers and for emergencies.

Bestseller: Apricot Oil

Set of 3 Apricot oil, 3 x 4 ml

Article-No.: 100390


Set of 3 Apricot-Coconut-Oil, 3 x 4 ml

Article-No.: 100490

Apricot hand cream

Set of 3 Apricot Hand cream, each 30 ml

Article-No.: 100340


Set of 3 Apricot body butter, each 20 ml

Article-No.: 100400

Camphor cream

3-er Set Camphor cream, each 30 ml

Article-No.: 100370

Herbal toothpaste

Set of 3 Herbal Toothpaste, each 50 gr

Article-No.: 100320

Rich foot butter

Set of 3 Footbutter, each 20 ml

Article-No.: 100410

Rich hand butter

Set of 3 Handbutter, each 20 ml

Article-No.: 100420

ALASKA shower gel

Set of 3 Shower gel, each 50 ml

Article-No.: 100270

Foot cream

Set of 3 Foot cream, each 30 ml

Article-No.: 100260

Hand cream

3-er Set Hand cream, je 30 ml

Article-No.: 100350

Almond-coconut body butter

Set of 3 Almond-coconut butter, each 20 ml

Article-No.: 100430

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