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Glycerine is contained in the majority of cosmetic products.

Does glycerin dry out the skin?

Again and again one hears the accusation that Glycerin is drying out the skin. This can also be the case if the dosage is too high and the overall formulation is unbalanced. This is due to its - actually positive - property of binding moisture in the epidermis. Ideally, this moisture comes from the ambient air or is supplied to the skin in a well-formulated product together with the glycerin.

However, if the air is very dry, the glycerine is dosed too high or the cosmetic product does not contain enough water, glycerine “looks” for water from other sources, such as for example in the deeper layers of the skin, which ultimately really dries out the skin. Déesse cosmetics are formulated in such a way that your skin benefits from all of the ingredients in the best possible way.

Glycerin is a colorless and odorless liquid. It is mainly obtained by breaking down natural fats. Glycerin is created in the body during natural metabolic processes, is therefore very well tolerated and basically suitable for all skin types. Glycerin is part of the NlMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor), i.e. the natural moisture system of our skin. As such, it absorbs moisture from the environment, releases it into the skin and binds it there, preventing it from drying out.

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