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An hour in the bathroom

Care and feel good

In the bathtub

You don't have a bathtub? No problem.

I would be happy to show you how you can enjoy a wellness hour in the shower. Before you get into the shower, massage the Déesse hair mask into dry hair (my insider tip) and leaves the mask on for about 15 minutes.

Cleansing & mask

Then you clean your face with your existing cleansing product (cleansing milk for dry and normal skin, cleansing gel for combination skin or His & Hers cleansing foam for oily skin) and apply with a brush your face mask on.

My tip : Moisturizing mask for normal and dry skin, silver mask for blemished combination skin or for oily skin.

You let both hair and face mask work for 15 minutes.

Base bath

Cleaning from the inside

Meanwhile you let warm water in a foot tub and put it in the shower.

You fill the foot tub with two tablespoons of base bath with fango and stand in it.

The base bath deacidifies your body in the foot bath as well.


Now you clean your body with the existing shower and bath product from the Déesse LO series - today it's the fine, peach-scented LEO - and lather up evenly with a shower pad a.

Then you take a short shower with warm water and peel your moist skin with the wellness fruit enzyme peeling. The polished stones of the peeling ensure that excess skin can be easily removed. Your body lotion can be wonderfully absorbed after the shower.


The right shampoo for every hair type

After peeling, rinse your hair and then wash it with the Color & Curl Shampoo for wavy and colored or tinted hair and rinse this out again.

Please note that the Déesse hair shampoo is a concentrate and you only need very little of it.

Time for me

Now you wrap yourself in a towel and dry yourself off. But please don't rub too hard, simply pressing the towel onto the skin is enough to dry it off. You also just squeeze out your hair carefully, you don't need to rub the scalp hard.

With a comb or brush you can now easily get through the hair - thanks to the hair mask - because it is now easy to comb.

Your face

You now clean your face with the appropriate facial toner (mild tonic for dry or normal skin, balancing toner for combination skin or His [& amp;] Hers clarifying tonic for oily skin), so that the skin is cleared and remnants of the face mask removed.

Now your facial skin is ready for your day or night cream. Perhaps you will treat yourself to the AHA night cream with fruit enzymes from Déesse as a cure for about 3 months as a night cream? This is suitable for all skin types and removes everything from the skin overnight that doesn't belong there ....

Body care

Now dedicate yourself to your body.

Cream your décolleté with the Alpine Concept décolleté cream.

Your stomach and buttocks are massaged in with the Firming body cream and the rest of your body is massaged in Creamed and pampered with the Wellness Q10 Cream .

Feel-good time

Slip into your cozy pajamas, sit down on the couch and cream your feet with the wellness foot butter and put on warm socks.

You can now enjoy your evening on the couch and have a cup of freshly brewed Daily Balance Tea complete your care program in the shower.

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