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Body Lotion

for soft, wonderfully cared for skin

Silky, soft skin

Valuable ingredients such as jojoba and coconut oil from the tried and tested face creams have been supplemented with almond and coconut for the new, pampering Combine to Shine Body Lotion - and sunflower oil.


Body lotion makes the skin feel pleasant

But that's not all: Shea and cocoa butter turn this delicate, wonderfully caring and innovative texture into an easily spreadable body care product that is quickly absorbed by the skin and leaves a pleasant feeling of protection and care.

Intensive moisture nourishes the skin

In addition, thanks to the Body Lotion and the Face Creams, the skin is optimally cared for. Because the new Body Lotion also has intensive moisturizers in the form of valuable and skin-flattering oils, shea and cocoa butter and skin-related squalane.

Like the two base creams, the Body Lotion can also be used as an independent care product for all family members from 3 years of age.

  • provides the skin with lasting moisture
  • makes the skin feel silky smooth
  • supports the natural skin protection barrier perfect family product (for children from 3 years)

Combine to Shine Body Lotion is an easily spreadable and quickly absorbed body care product with proven ingredients from Face Creams and other valuable components. Natural oils support the skin's protective barrier and care for the skin.

Ingredients - pack sizes

Déesse Combine to Shine Body Lotion is available in: 200 ml

Article no .: 123900

Almond, coconut, avocado, jojoba almond oil, sunflower oil, shea and cocoa butter, squalane

Application : The Body Lotion is suitable as an independent, daily care for a silky-soft skin feeling all over the body. To adapt to individual skin needs, 3 - 5 drops of the Concentrates can be mixed in per part of the body.

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