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Combine to Shine

Combine to Shine is a system care with individually combinable cosmetic products that make the skin shine in a natural way.
These cosmetics offer personalized solutions for different skin needs, tailored to the season, life situation and lifestyle.

Individual cosmetics for every skin type

Combine face cream & concentrate individually

Individual care system

Every skin is unique and, depending on the skin type, needs care tailored to it, which can ideally adapt to the season, the current situation and lifestyle.

Combine to Shine stands for an individually combinable care system that offers customizable solutions for different skin needs, tailored to the season, and makes the skin shine in a natural way. For a very personal care ritual!

Pleasant fragrance, effective ingredients

Look forward to a fresh, contemporary and subtle fragrance!

Exactly in such a way that it is perceived and yet does not appear intrusive. What can the additional active ingredient in the new base creams do?

The innovative ingredient Zeolite is new for both products: Thanks to their ability to absorb microbes, mineral zeolites have a detoxifying effect and thus protect the skin from environmental stress.

All-round care for the skin with the base creams

The proven formulations of the two Face Creams have otherwise not been changed: The light C2S Face Cream Light retains its ingredients such as valuable jojoba, coconut and safflower oil as well as the efficient one Squalane moisturizer.

The amino acid derivative Betaine in turn maintains the skin's moisture balance.

The Face Cream Rich differs in its rich additives: Although it contains the same nourishing base as the Face Cream Light, it is enriched with moisturizing and smoothing shea butter and protective wax from the berries of the lacquer tree.

While uncomplicated skin is completely cared for with one of the base creams , three to five drops of the right concentrate can be used to perfectly meet specific needs - be it tired, pale, sensitive or skin prone to blemishes.

Cosmetics that can be adjusted to your skin

Depending on the condition of the skin, 1-2 pumps of the C2S Face Cream Rich (dry or normal skin) or the C2S Face Cream Light (oily or combination skin) into the palm of the hand and with 3-5 Mix the drops of the desired concentrate. Then distribute on the face, neck and décolleté.

Base cream & concentrate = individual face cream

Due to the high density of active ingredients, this power product needs a means of transport to make it optimally available to the skin. Therefore, the concentrate should not be used pure. We advise against mixing the concentrate with the previously used care product. Because the three concentrates were tested in combination with the two C2S base creams and offer a perfectly coordinated, closed system.

Correct mixing ratio

Depending on the current skin needs, the concentrates can be mixed with one another without any problems. The maximum dosage of a total of 5 drops should not be exceeded.

The C2S Face Cream Light and C2S Face Cream Rich are perfect as sole care for all family members from 3 years. The concentrates - of course also mixed with a base cream - can also be used by men and teenagers if necessary. Here we recommend the C2S Concentrate Matte Touch!

Face creams:

These creams are absorbed immediately, moisturize the skin and support the skin's natural protective barrier. The gentle texture with a combination of valuable, natural oils pampers the skin without weighing it down. Thanks to shea butter and berry wax, the richer Face Cream Rich leaves the skin feeling sustainably cared for.

C2S Face Cream Light & Rich

Light & Rich are 24h face creams in a light and a richer consistency. These face creams are immediately absorbed, moisturize and support the natural protective barrier of the skin. Combined with a C2S concentrate , the products transform into intelligent care for individual skin needs.

Both products are suitable for stand-alone care. Combined with the Combine to Shine concentrates they transform into efficient care for the individual skin needs.


Please consider before using the personalized skin care with Combine to Shine and the appropriate concentrate that these active ingredients can only be absorbed by the skin if they Facial skin is appropriately cleaned. You can find out which cleansing products are right for your skin hier.

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Combine to Shine-Concentrates

The highly effective concentrates , in combination with a C2S Face Cream, become targeted problem solvers, depending on the current needs and skin condition.

With a dosage of 3 - 5 drops per care application, the concentrates can also be combined with one another. The concentrates should not be used alone.

Body Lotion

This body lotion in combination with one of the concentrates becomes a real all-rounder for a silky-soft skin feeling.

Easily spreadable and quickly absorbed body care with natural oils to support the skin's protective barrier and optimal care of the skin without making it greasy. The result is a pleasant feeling of protection and care.

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