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Alpine Concept-Line

The Déesse Alpine Concept line consists of:

  • Day Cream Refill
  • Night Cream Refill
  • Cleavage care refill
  • Can for refill
  • Cream for the care of the eye area
  • hand cream

Alpine Concept

Cosmetics for demanding, dry skin

The entire care line contains the exclusive Swiss complex, which consists of three extraordinary extracts:

  • ProRenew Complex (extract of a lactic acid producing bacterium)
  • Alpine rose extract (to restore the elasticity of the skin)
  • Houseleek (the "Swiss Aloe Vera", regenerates the skin and provides intensive moisture)

Exclusive Déesse Swiss Complex

Déesse Alpine Concept is a rich facial care line. It was specially developed for dry, demanding skin.

The exclusive Déesse Swiss Complex has been specifically matched with complementary, valuable ingredients for all products in the Alpine Concept care line .

Déesse made use of the nature of the Swiss Alps in developing these high-quality cosmetics. This resulted in an innovative facial care cosmetics for the highest demands.

Day cream

In addition to the Swiss-Complex , there is this moisturizing day cream from the Alpine Concept line with a smoothing Hyaluronic acid enriched.

The skin's own detox mechanism is activated by the active ingredient from organic "Swiss garden cress sprouts".

The skin's own protection is strengthened by intensely nourishing lipids such as cupuacu and shea butter.

Quickly absorbed jojoba oil rounds off this rich care cocktail ingeniously.

This unique day care makes dry wrinkles disappear and gives the skin an instant sense of wellbeing.

Night cream

During the regeneration phase at night, the cleansed skin should receive intensive care and moisture.

In addition to the exclusive Swiss-Complex , the skin is rejuvenated and protected on a cellular level, thanks to a snow algae extract from the Swiss Alps.

Cupuacu and shea butter support the skin with nourishing lipids. Squalane and jojoba oil and a high and low molecular Hyaluronic acid provides an extra portion of moisture.

The skin feels wonderfully plump and relaxed thanks to this rich and extraordinary night care.

Eye cream

Unique eye cream for the care of the eye area.

Due to the thinner skin around the eye area, wrinkles appear particularly quickly. Here, not only intensive care with moisture is necessary, but also protection against external influences.

That is why the Alpine Concept Eye Cream like the day cream contains an active ingredient made from Swiss garden cress sprouts and the exclusive Swiss Complex.

The self-protection mechanism is strengthened and this protects the sensitive skin around the eyes from damage from the air.

The area around the eyes is optimal with valuable hyaluronic acid , rich lipids such as jojoba oil, shea butter and squalane supplied.

Hand cream

How do you recognize the "real" age of a person? Right, on your hands ...

The Alpine Concept Anti Aging Hand Cream impresses with its protection against light-induced, premature skin aging as well as the care of stressed hands with an effective anti-aging ingredient.

The contained vitamin B3 (niacinamide) stimulates the formation of collagen fibers (the protective structure of the skin), promotes an even skin tone and protects the skin on the hands from UV-related stress. Vitamin B3 is used in skin care to combat pigmentation disorders (also called age spots) and is very effective.

Also "pure moisture" through Hyaluronic acid - very well tolerated and now an indispensable part of cosmetics - and Shea butter and olive oil complete the hand care with this great product. And of course this care product from the Déesse Alpine Concept series also contains the exclusive Swiss Complex, consisting of a probiotic active ingredient and an extract of Swiss aloe vera.

Article no. 125540

Refilldose 50

Alpine Concept universal can refill (125590) for the environmentally friendly refill system. Suitable for: day, night and décolleté care.

Before you use the high-quality active ingredient cosmetics from the Alpine Concept line for your dry skin, you should thoroughly cleanse your face with the Mild cleansing milk and the mild facial toner are essential. Because only skin that has been thoroughly cleansed in the morning and in the evening is prepared for the absorption of the high-quality active ingredients.

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